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# Copyright (c) 2012, Joyent, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Makefile: basic Makefile for template API service
# This Makefile is a template for new repos. It contains only repo-specific
# logic and uses included makefiles to supply common targets (javascriptlint,
# jsstyle, restdown, etc.), which are used by other repos as well. You may well
# need to rewrite most of this file, but you shouldn't need to touch the
# included makefiles.
# If you find yourself adding support for new targets that could be useful for
# other projects too, you should add these to the original versions of the
# included Makefiles (in eng.git) so that other teams can use them too.
# Tools
ESLINT := ./node_modules/.bin/eslint
DOCUMENTATION := ./node_modules/.bin/documentation
NSP := ./node_modules/.bin/nsp
NODEUNIT := ./node_modules/.bin/nodeunit
MOCHA := ./node_modules/.bin/mocha
NODECOVER := ./node_modules/.bin/cover
DOCS_BUILD := ./tools/docsBuild.js
BENCHMARK := ./benchmark/index.js
NPM := npm
NODE := node
PRETTIER := ./node_modules/.bin/prettier
# Files
JS_FILES = '.'
CLEAN_FILES += node_modules cscope.files
include ./tools/mk/Makefile.defs
# Repo-specific targets
.PHONY: all
$(NPM) rebuild
$(NPM) install
$(NPM) install
.PHONY: cover
cover: $(NODECOVER)
@rm -fr ./.coverage_data
$(NODECOVER) run $(NODEUNIT) ./test/*.js
$(NODECOVER) report html
CLEAN_FILES += $(TAP) ./node_modules/nodeunit
.PHONY: test
test: $(NODEUNIT)
$(NODEUNIT) test/*.test.js
$(MOCHA) test/plugins/*.test.js
.PHONY: nsp
nsp: node_modules $(NSP)
@($(NSP) check) | true
.PHONY: docs-build
.PHONY: benchmark
include ./tools/mk/Makefile.deps
include ./tools/mk/Makefile.targ