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Add custom Content-Range unit names. #618

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This pull request contains some code to allow the user to set a custom Content-Range name.
Typically, the HTTP/1.1 protocol expects the "bytes" keyword in a Content-Range, e.g.
Content-Range: bytes 0-32/128

Some Web-Frameworks like Dojo expect another Range-Unit. It is specified by the HTTP protocol to use custom units for Content-Ranges:

The documentation of Dojo says:

"The server should respond with a Content-Range header to indicate how many items are being returned and how many total items exist:
Content-Range: items 0-24/66"

Restlet member

Looks good! Here are some comments:

  • could you make sure that the header reader/parser also takes units into account?
  • a unit test verifying the header formating then parsing would be nice
  • we might want to squeeze this into the upcoming 2.1 RC7 release
  • could you sign a JCA (unless already done) so we can pull this contribution?

Thanks for the contribution :)


Thank you very much for the comments. Sadly, I don't have a lot of time these days. I'll see what I can do but I guess it takes at least two weeks till I find time to finish the pull request. Sorry :(

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No problem for the delay. The highest priority is the signed JCA as we can try to handle to rest ourselves later on if necessary

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Looking how simple the fix is, we'll just reimplement it ourselves so you don't have to provide a JCA.

@thboileau thboileau pushed a commit that referenced this pull request
Thierry Boileau Added custom Content-Range units to the Range-Class (issue #618)). Re…
…ported by rmetzger.
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Thanks for reporting this, I've updated the 2.2m1.
I agree that this does not concern the reading of ranges from the HTTP request. HTTP 1.1 servers are not required to support such ranges.

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Commits on Jul 11, 2012
  1. @rmetzger
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24 modules/org.restlet/src/org/restlet/data/
@@ -68,6 +68,12 @@
* available from the index, then use the {@value #SIZE_MAX} constant.
private volatile long size;
+ /**
+ * Specifies the unit of the range. The HTTP/1.1 protocol specifies
+ * only 'bytes', but other ranges are allowed {@link}
+ */
+ private volatile String unitName = "bytes";
* Default constructor defining a range starting on the first byte and with
@@ -187,4 +193,22 @@ public void setIndex(long index) {
public void setSize(long size) {
this.size = size;
+ /**
+ * Returns the name of the range unit name.
+ * @return
+ * The name of the range
+ */
+ public String getUnitName() {
+ return unitName;
+ }
+ /**
+ * Setter to define the unit name.
+ * @param unitName
+ * with the name of the unit.
+ */
+ public void setUnitName(String unitName) {
+ this.unitName = unitName;
+ }
4 modules/org.restlet/src/org/restlet/engine/header/
@@ -66,7 +66,9 @@ public static String write(List<Range> ranges) {
* @return {@code range} formatted
public static String write(Range range, long size) {
- StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder("bytes ");
+ StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();
+ b.append(range.getUnitName());
+ b.append(' ');
if (range.getIndex() >= Range.INDEX_FIRST) {
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