Old-school 3D shooter for android. Wolf-like engine, but *not* raycasting.
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Gloomy Dungeons 2 is also opensourced!
Check it out - https://github.com/restorer/gloomy-dungeons-2

What is it?

It is old-school 3d shooter, indie game developed by small team. It didn't use hi-end engine, so it looks more like wolf-3d than quake or even doom. As side effect, it works on low-end phones pretty fast. It has big sexy square pixels (love)... You should really love pixelart (like me :)

This game is released under MIT License (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php).

Product support

This product is already finished, so no long support is planned.

Feature Support status
New features No
Non-critical bugfixes No
Critical bugfixes Yes, if it will be easy to understand where to fix
Pull requests Accepted (after review)
Issues Monitored, but if you want to change something - submit a pull request
Android version planned to support Up to 8.x
Estimated end-of-life Up to 2018


There are 2 version of game: normal version and hard oldschool version. You can compile either by using build script or directly using gradle.

Compile and install debug build

Normal version:

  • ./gradlew installFdroidnormalNormalWithoutanalyticsWithoutzeemoteWithoutrateofferDebug

Hardcore version:

  • ./gradlew installFdroidhardcoreHardcoreWithoutanalyticsWithoutzeemoteWithoutrateofferDebug

Compile release builds

To be able to compile release builds, create put your keystore file (or create new) to tools/signing.keystore and create tools/signing.properties:


Normal version:

  • ./gradlew assembleFdroidnormalNormalWithoutanalyticsWithoutzeemoteWithoutrateofferRelease

Hardcore version:

  • ./gradlew assembleFdroidhardcoreHardcoreWithoutanalyticsWithoutzeemoteWithoutrateofferRelease

Search for result .apk files in build/outputs/apk/