Gloomy Dungeons II - a continuation of old-school 3d-shooter.
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Gloomy Dungeons II

Gloomy Dungeons II is a continuation of old–school 3d–shooter (Gloomy Dungeons 3D) in the style of Doom and Wolfenstein. Second part still use wolf-like engine (but not raycasting), but this time engine improved a bit:

  • Simple lighting effects
  • Different floor and ceiling textures in each cell
  • Extruded ceiling and doors
  • Rocket launcher
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Credits, as usual:

This game is released under MIT License (


It is oblivious, but I still want to note: all game resources are open-sourced except mp3 rock music which are downloaded from the server.

Product support

This product is already finished, so no long support is planned.

Feature Support status
New features No
Non-critical bugfixes No
Critical bugfixes Yes, if it will be easy to understand where to fix
Pull requests Accepted (after review)
Issues Monitored, but if you want to change something - submit a pull request
Android version planned to support Up to 8.x
Estimated end-of-life Up to 2018


There are 2 variants of game: for google play (with zeemote, facebook, and analytics support) and for f-droid. You can compile either by using build script or directly using gradle.

Compile and install debug build

  • ./z-build fdroid debug install or
  • ./gradlew installForfdroidWoutgplayWoutzeemoteWoutkoDebug

Compile release builds

To be able to compile release builds, create put your keystore file (or create new) to tools/signing.keystore and create tools/

  • ./z-build fdroid release or
  • ./gradlew assembleForfdroidWoutgplayWoutzeemoteWoutkoRelease

Search for result .apk files in build/outputs/apk/

Known forks

Long live open-source, at least one fork is known.

  • Jurassic Doom (unfortunately levels are the same :(, just graphics changed a little)