Cross platform string utils (including utf8 uppercase / lowercase for neko and cpp)
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String utils for Haxe

  • Utf8Ext
  • Transliteration



haxelib git zame-stringutils


Haxe have excellent haxe.Utf8 class, which allows us to work with utf-8 in a cross-platform way.

But what about cross-platform toLowerCase() or toUpperCase()? What regular expression should I write to replace all non-letters (including unicode ones) with, say, spaces?

Utf8Ext will take care about this on neko, cpp and php, with fallback to native implementation for other platforms.

  • Use Utf8Ext.toLoweCase() to convert utf-8 string to lover case, across all platforms.
  • Use Utf8Ext.toUpperCase() to convert utf-8 string to upper case, across all platforms.
  • Use Utf8Ext.getUnicodeRe() to get regular expression that matches all characters, including unicode (like /[\p{L}]/ in PCRE).
  • Use Utf8Ext.getUnicodeRe("^") to get regular expression that matches all non-characters (like /[\P{L}]/ in PCRE).
  • Utf8Ext.getUnicodeRe("0-9") will match numbers and characters, while Utf8Ext.getUnicodeRe("^0-9") will match anything, except numbers and characters.


Allows you to generate cool-looking SEO-friendly URL from string on belarusian or russian language.

trace("Уладзімір Караткевіч - Хрыстос Прызямліўся Ў Гародні"));

will give you uladzimir-karatkievich-khrystos-pryziamliwsia-w-harodni, and

trace("Съешь же ещё этих мягких французских булок да выпей чаю"));

will give you s-esh-zhe-eschyo-ehtikh-myagkikh-francuzskikh-bulok-da-vypej-chaju.

Product support

This library is finished. Later I have plant to merge several smaller libraries into bigger one.

Feature Support status
New features No
Non-critical bugfixes No
Critical bugfixes Yes
Pull requests Accepted (after review)
Issues Monitored, but if you want to change something - submit a pull request
Estimated end-of-life Up to 2017 (new library will be created later)

Runnint tests

cd tests
haxelib run munit test

To run tests for specific target:

  • haxelib run munit test -neko
  • haxelib run munit test -cpp
  • haxelib run munit test -js
  • haxelib run munit test -as3

Roadmap for future

  • Add russian language support to Transliteration class