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Detailed lecture notes in Quantum Field Theory


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Diego Restrepo

Instituto de Física

Universidad de Antioquia

restrepo AT .udea.edu.co

LICENSE: All materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

The master file is: $ pdflatex beyond.tex

There is another master file to generate selected parts of the book in presentation mode:

$ pdflatex beyond.beamer

the parts are the ones inside the beamer enviorement


We have used the a trick with the coment package, in order that the original master file ignores the frame enviroment. beyond.tex includes the following lines:


The figures/ dir contains the figures in pdf with some sources in svg.

This file was written in Markdown wiki format:

NOT Longer maintained versions:

You can clone/edit/push directly from:


The updated PDF generated from this document is at:


or (partially until chapter 4) from the ShareLaTeX: PDF Status