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#EasyGATK version 1.1 (23OCT2015)

EasyGATK is a python based wrapper script designed to help researchers set-up and perform whole-exome sequence analyses using the GATK pipeline.


  1. EasyGATK_configuration.txt: to set-up software path, input files, references, etc.
  2. the main script of EasyGATK
  3. include all basic function libraries
  4. to automatically assign minPruning values based on sequencing depth
  5. an example of commands generated by EasyGATK for step 1 (see details in the EasyGATK_configuration.txt file)
  6. an example of commands generated by EasyGATK for step 2
  7. an example of commands generated by EasyGATK for step 3
  8. an example of commands generated by EasyGATK for step 4 by using hard filtering
  9. an example of commands generated by EasyGATK for step 4 by using VQSR is the main script of EasyGATK. It will call functions from to set-up the GATK pipeline based on information provided in configuration.txt. By default, will read the depth of coverage result for each sample and then assign an optimal minPruning value for HaplotypeCaller.


  1. Set paths and parameters in EasyGATK_configuration.txt
  • Most default values and examples have already been provided
  • Use the absolute path for software tools (e.g. /usr/username/data/GenomeAnalysisTK-3.4-0/GenomeAnalysisTK.jar)
  • Use the absolute path for working directory and input sample directory (e.g. /usr/username/woking_dir/)
  1. run the script (type in shell: python

  2. EasyGATK will generate 4 shell script files (.sh)

  • (not created if minprune_estimate = no)
  • (note that the "Step4" file will be created after run the "Step3" script if minprune_estimate = yes)
  1. Run the .sh file

Users may directly run these shell script files one by one on terminal using a computing node by making the .sh file executable (chmod a+x /path/to/, and then running ./

Users may also submit the .sh commands using job submitting system such as qsub, or using computer array to parallel jobs.

The minPruning setting were optimized for Whole-Exome Sequencing data. The additional and expert settings could be modified from template files.

##Important features

  1. Deciding on a minPruning value
  • If you do not know the depth of coverage of your samples, please use option “yes” on minprune_estimate in EasyGATK_configuration.txt. With minprune_estimate = yes, EasyGATK will ignore the default minPruning value in EasyGATK_configuration.txt and create The Step4_ will be created after Step3 is done.
  • If you know the depth of coverage or want to manually set the minPruning value, you can use minprune_estimate = no in EasyGATK_configuration.txt and manually assign a minPruning value. In this case the "Step3" script will not be created. Please proceed from "Step2" directly to "Step4".

##Requirements EasyGATK v1.0 has been tested based on GATK v3.2.2, GATK bundle 2.5 hg19, Samtools v0.1.17, Picard v1.72, and BWA v0.6.2.

Minimum requirements:

  1. To run
  • Requires Python 2.6 or above
  1. To run the whole BWA-GATK pipeline
  • All software tools (GATK3, samtools, Picard and BWA) are installed.
  • All referece files (GAKT bundle files) are downloaded.

Note that the GATK bundle file can be downloaded from the below location as addressed here

  • location:
  • username: gsapubftp-anonymous
  • password:


Make GATK pipelines easy...!



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