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added a note on hwo to parse jsonString and about JsonProperty to cus…

…tomize names
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Christian Meier mkristian authored
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@@ -237,6 +237,10 @@ Then you use it as follows
// decoding an object to from json
PizzaOrder other = codec.decode(json);
+In case you need to parse the JSON from a String use
+ JSONValue json = JSONParser.parseStrict( jsonString );
### Customizing the JSON Property Names
If you want to map a field name to a different json property name, you
@@ -247,6 +251,13 @@ can use the `@Json` annotation to configure the desired name. Example:
public String messageId;
+or with the jackson annotation
+ public class Message {
+ @JSONProperty("message-id")
+ public String messageId;
+ }
### Using readonly objects
If you want to declare final fields and initialize an object through its constructor,
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