Available Restylers

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Available Now

Name Version Language(s)
astyle 3.1 C, C++, C#, Java*, Objective-C
autopep8 1.3.4 Python
brittany* Haskell
elm-format 0.18 0.6.1-alpha Elm
hindent* 5.2.5 Haskell
php-cs-fixer 2.10.4 PHP
prettier 1.14.2 JavaScript, YAML
rubocop 0.54.0 Ruby
rustfmt 0.3.4-nightly (6714a44) Rust
shfmt 2.4.0+ POSIX sh, Bash
stylish-haskell Haskell
terraform 0.11.7 Terraform
dfmt 0.8.2 D
google-java-format 1.6 Java
hlint 2.11.1 Haskell

*Must be explicitly enabled

Coming Soon?

If you know of something that would make a good Restyler, please add it here:

Name Language(s)
gofmt Go
perltidy Perl
purty PureScript
shellharden Bash
prettifier JSON, CSS, HTML, XML, SQL, PHP, Perl, Apache Config, and JavaScript
ReSharper C#
ocamlformat OCaml
refmt Reason
black Python
pgFormatter SQL

If you're interested in contributing, see Adding a Restyler.

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