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The restyling process can be configured by committing a YAML file named .restyled.yaml at the root of your repository.


The top-level YAML document must be either:

  • A Configuration object

    enabled: true
    auto: false
    remote_files: []
    comments: true
    statuses: true
      - stylish-haskell
      - prettier
  • Or just a list of Restyler objects

    - stylish-haskell
    - prettier

    In this case, you are accepting the defaults for all other keys.

Valid keys in a Configuration object are:

  • enabled: If false, Restyled will do nothing
  • auto: If true, Restyled will not open a new Pull Request, it will commit the style fixes directly to your original Pull Request (does not apply to Forks)
  • remote_files: any files to download into the project directory before restyling, see below
  • comments: whether to leave comments on Pull Requests, disable if PR statuses are enough
  • statuses: whether to send Pull Request statuses in addition to leaving comments, see below
  • restylers: The list of Restylers to run

All keys are optional.


The remote_files key can be used to pull down centralized auto-formatter configuration (e.g. a brittany.yaml) from some remote source. That way, you don't have to commit the same versions of these files into all your repositories and keep them up to date. The only limitation here is that the files be available on the public internet.

  - url:
    path: brittany.yaml

RemoteFile values require both a url and path.


The statuses key can point to either:

  • A simple boolean true|false

    statuses: false

    In this case, you are disabling all statuses we send.

  • Or an object

      differences: false
      no-differences: true
      error: true

    In this case, you are disabling sending a status when we find differences.

    Omitted keys will default true.


A Restyler can be either:

  • A name:

    - stylish-haskell

    In this case, you are accepting the defaults for this restyler.

  • Or a key into a configuration object for that Restyler:

    - stylish-haskell:
          - --verbose
          - "**/*.lhs"
          - "!test/**/*"

Valid keys in a Restyler object are:

  • arguments: The arguments to pass (in addition to the files to restyle)
  • include: Patterns for targeting which files to restyle
  • interpreters: If specified, also restyle files with these interpreters as their shebang

All keys are optional.


The include option accepts patterns similar to a .gitignore. You can use it to work around problematic files:

- stylish-haskell:
      - "**/*.hs"
      - "!src/MyBadFile.hs"
      - "!docs/**/*"

It can be used to include-then-exclude, like above, but also to exclude-then-include:

- stylish-haskell:
      - "**/*.hs"
      - "!test/**/*"
      - "test/specifics/**/*.hs"

NOTE: Order matters! Beware of sorting this list, such that you end up with something like

- "!something.hs"
- "*.hs"

This configuration says to "exclude something.hs then include *.hs", which effectively cancels out the exclude.

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