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One is a mininal blog theme for Hugo, which is forked from onetwothree. It provides some new features and simplification. I tried to keep it simple with less configuration to write rather than play with a theme instead.

You can check out the demo at https://resugary.github.io/hugo-theme-one.



  • Add posts archive support
  • Syntax highlighting using Chroma
  • Optimization for text layout
  • Add Google Analytics support
  • Add Full-text RSS support


Clone this repository to your hugo themes directory:

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/resugary/hugo-theme-one.git themes/one

Preview with hugo commands:

hugo server -t=one

Create New Posts

Posts should generally go under the content/posts directory, you may start like this:

hugo new posts/hello.md

Create A Fixed Page

Fixed pages such as an About page should be present at the root of the content directory:

hugo new about.md

To enable Archives, you should create a new file called archives.md:

hugo new archives.md

# then add the following line in the front matter
type: "archives"

Take a look inside the exampleSite folder if you get stuck.


Copy the config.toml in the root director of your hugo site.

# End your baseURL with a `/` trailing slash, e.g. `https://example.com/`.
baseURL = "https://example.com/"

languageCode = "en-us"
title = "My Hugo Site"
theme = "one"
googleAnalytics = "UA-123-45"

# Chroma Syntax Highlighting
pygmentsCodefences = true
pygmentsCodefencesGuessSyntax = true
pygmentsStyle = "pygments"

    navigation = ["archives.md", "about.md"]


Licensed under the MIT License.