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Resumes generated using the GitHub informations
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A service that creates your resume based on your GitHub repos.

Possible Usecases:

  • Boon for all the tech-savy bosses who want to have a quick view of person's git/github activity, before the interview


Thanks to @augustl, folks are now able to opt-out. I agree the process is still a tad laborious but basically here's how you opt-out.

  1. Fork this repo
  2. In your forked repository, add your username to the file js/opt_out_users.js, save, and push to your repository.
  3. Issue a pull request to resume/
  4. I'll merge.

The other way, which can take longer due to the fact that I (@davidcoallier) am bound by the current contraints of our time-space continuum is to ask politely (with a please and thanks (thanks is optional)) on Twitter.

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