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Resumic is a community project. From our current viewpoint, its role is: With resumic the goal is to enable everyone to have an up to date and awesome resume/CV.

Our detailed items:

  • Generic schema additions only

Core Concept

Resumic strives to provide a standardized and generic data schema for resumes/CVs.

General Aim

Resumic aims to be a generic data schema with a thin layer of tooling around to enable easily working with your data.


A lot of discussion about Resumic happens within Github issues. Ideally, we will keep it that way until Resumic becomes big enough that this turns into a problem. The advantages of this is that all documentation and issues are publicly searchable and easily linked to the source code.


The Resumic project should always aim to devote a lot of time to making contributors feel like an important part of the community. We should strive to provide a place for anyone to be able to contribute. The aim of the core team should be to work on ways to showcase contributions, encourage adoption and show off great work. An example of where this worked is the CocoaPods Quality Index.