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Responsive UI components with dark scheme
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© 2016-2019 Resurface Labs Inc.


The structure of bootdarkly mirrors that of a normal Bootstrap site.

Copy /css, /fonts, and /js directories to your project.

See for an example of a site using bootdarkly.

Updating Dependencies

For all libraries:

  • Original sources should be kept in the 'src' directory
  • Source file names should include the version number (like this: jquery-1.12.0.js)

For specific libraries:

  • For jQuery, download uncompressed v1.x
  • For Bootstrap, download zip file and update fonts/js
  • For Bootswatch/Flatly, download uncompressed css
  • For PNotify, disable all checkboxes in download form

To build release:

cd ~/bootdarkly
cat ./src/bootswatch-darkly-*.css ./src/pnotify-*.css > ./css/bootdarkly-1.0.0.css
cat ./src/jquery-*.js ./src/bootstrap-*.js ./src/pnotify-*.js > ./js/bootdarkly-1.0.0.js
yuicompressor ./css/bootdarkly-1.0.0.css > ./css/bootdarkly-1.0.0.min.css
yuicompressor ./js/bootdarkly-1.0.0.js > ./js/bootdarkly-1.0.0.min.js

Now try an online CSS/JS minifier to see if we can beat yuicompressor. (use whatever version is smallest)

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