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Added upgrade note for changed signature of the CJuiInputWidget::reso…

…lveNameID() method. [ci skip]
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1 parent 7bc60b6 commit 7a1644e499d3a7f19f4c199922703b3fb124ee6e @resurtm committed Nov 17, 2012
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@@ -39,6 +39,16 @@ Upgrading from v1.1.12
$alias = $this->owner->getTableAlias();
$criteria->condition = $alias.'.myfield = 1';
+- API of protected method CJuiInputWidget::resolveNameID() changed. If you are overriding this method make sure
+ to update your code. This method now accepts two parameters (specifies properties containing name and attribute
+ values), so you have to adjust the signature to fit
+ protected function resolveNameID($nameProperty='name',$attributeProperty='attribute')
+ and the parent call to
+ parent::resolveNameID($nameProperty,$attributeProperty);
Upgrading from v1.1.11
- Changes in CCookieCollection::add() (introduced in 1.1.11) were reverted as they were triggering E_STRICT on some old PHP-versions

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