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Fixes #1635: CDateFormatter::format() with 'ZZZZZ' pattern used to re…

…turn timezone in RFC 822 format, now returns in ISO 8601 format as it stated in CLDR.
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commit 18524f2e9fc390c140aeac2b990e9abc072614a6 1 parent 6d866f2
@resurtm authored
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ Version 1.1.13 work in progress
- Bug #1552: Fixed potential vulnerability in CJavaScript::encode(): $safe parameter didn't used to be passed to the recursive method calls (resurtm)
- Bug #1584: Fixed CGridView urls when enableHistory was used with "path" urlFormat (mdomba)
- Bug #1624: Requirements page now tries all other preferred languages when the most preferred one is missing (ArtVal)
+- Bug #1635: CDateFormatter::format() with 'ZZZZZ' pattern used to return timezone in RFC 822 format, now returns in ISO 8601 format as it stated in CLDR (resurtm)
- Bug: Table schema is refreshed on Gii model generation when schemaCachingDuration is used (SonkoDmitry)
- Bug: CDbCommand::setFetchMode wasn't accepting additional arguments needed for PDO::FETCH_CLASS (samdark)
- Enh #84: Log route categories are now accepted in form of array. Added CLogRoute::except and parameter to CLogRoute::getLogs that allows you to exclude specific categories (paystey)
2  framework/i18n/CDateFormatter.php
@@ -508,7 +508,7 @@ protected function formatTimeZone($pattern,$date)
if($pattern[0]==='z' || $pattern[0]==='v')
return @date('T', @mktime($date['hours'], $date['minutes'], $date['seconds'], $date['mon'], $date['mday'], $date['year']));
- return @date('O', @mktime($date['hours'], $date['minutes'], $date['seconds'], $date['mon'], $date['mday'], $date['year']));
+ return @date('P', @mktime($date['hours'], $date['minutes'], $date['seconds'], $date['mon'], $date['mday'], $date['year']));
throw new CException(Yii::t('yii','The pattern for time zone must be "z" or "v".'));
17 tests/framework/i18n/CDateFormatterTest.php
@@ -35,4 +35,21 @@ public function testStrToTimeDate()
$this->assertEquals('1927 04 30 05:05:51', Yii::app()->dateFormatter->format("yyyy MM dd hh:mm:ss", '1927-04-30 05:05:51 UTC'));
+ public function testTimeZones()
+ {
+ date_default_timezone_set('UTC');
+ $this->assertEquals('+00:00', Yii::app()->dateFormatter->format('ZZZZZ', time()));
+ date_default_timezone_set('Etc/GMT-6');
+ $this->assertEquals('+06:00', Yii::app()->dateFormatter->format('ZZZZZ', time()));
+ date_default_timezone_set('Etc/GMT+10');
+ $this->assertEquals('-10:00', Yii::app()->dateFormatter->format('ZZZZZ', time()));
+ date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Moscow');
+ $this->assertEquals('+04:00', Yii::app()->dateFormatter->format('ZZZZZ', time()));
+ date_default_timezone_set('America/Los_Angeles');
+ $this->assertEquals('-07:00', Yii::app()->dateFormatter->format('ZZZZZ', time()));
+ }
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