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ResourceSync Simulator

The ResourceSync Simulator simulates a ResourceSync Source, which is a server that hosts resources subject to synchronization.

Any ResourceSync-compliant client can be used to synchronize a Destination with the simulated Source. The simulator is tested with v0.6.2 of our own ResourceSync client and library reference implementationn.

Quick start

Make sure Python 2.7.2 or later is running on your system:

python --version

Install Tornado:

sudo easy_install tornado

...and the ResourceSync simulator uses the ResourceSync client and library, which is currently available only from github (not yet on pypi). So manual download and install is required from Github:

cd /tmp
git clone git://
cd resync/
python build
sudo python install

Get the ResourceSync Simulator from Github:

git clone git://

Run the source simulator (with the default configuration in ./config/default.yaml):

chmod u+x simulate-source

Terminate the source simulator:


How to define parameterized use cases

Parameterized Use Cases can be defined by creating a YAML configuration file (e.g., simulation1.yaml) and defining a set of parameters:

    name: ResourceSync Simulator
    number_of_resources: 1000
    change_delay: 2
    event_types: [create, update, delete]
    average_payload: 1000
    max_events: -1
    stats_interval: 10

Additional resource_list_builder and change memory implementations can be attached for simulation purposes. For instance, the following configuration attaches a change memory implemented by the DynamicChangeList class.

    class: DynamicResourceListBuilder
    uri_path: resourcelist.xml

    class: DynamicChangeList
    uri_path: changelist.xml
    max_changes: 1000

See the examples in the ./config directory for further details.

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