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A realtime assembler/disassembler (formerly known as
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Formerly known as, It's a multi-architecture realtime assembler/disassembler with line-to-line correlation. A live version is currently up at

What and Why

It is basically a nice frontend of my keystone fork (for line-to-line assembling) and capstone. I don't normally do frontend development but I wanted something for quickly assembling/disassembling tiny snippets of code (mostly during CTFs), so I ended up writing this.

I know there are other online assemblers/disassemblers out there, but none of them had all the features I required.


It currently supports 5 architectures:

  • x86/64
  • ARMv8
  • MIPS
  • Sparc
  • PowerPC

Most typical assembler directives are also supported. Macros are not fully supported.


To Install and run it locally:

  • Git clone with submodules
git clone --recursive
  • Build and Install the keystone fork (It's a submodule)
cd keystone
mkdir build; cd build
../; sudo make install
  • Install the Python3 bindings
cd bindings/python
sudo make install3
  • Install Python dependencies
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Now you can run it by executing the



If you stumble upon any bugs or somehow get it to segfault, please file an issue.

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