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Automatically administer lifecycle of JUnit 4 tests using recheck.
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JUnit 4 extension for recheck. Automatic set up and tear down of tests using recheck.


  • Calls startTest on given RecheckLifecycle object before each test.
  • Calls capTest on given RecheckLifecycle object after each test.
  • Calls cap on given RecheckLifecycle object after each test.


The extension automatically calls startTest, capTest and cap. So it is no longer required to call those methods manually. This reduces boilerplate code and ensures the life cycle within a test using recheck.

Build tools

You can add recheck-junit-4-extension as an external dependency to your project. It is available in Maven central or via the release-page, which allows you to include it into your favorite build tool.

For the current version, please refer to the release-page.




compile 'de.retest:recheck-junit-4-extension:${LATEST_VERSION_FROM_ABOVE_LINK}'


Recheck JUnit extension defines a JUnit 4 Rule. The rule needs to know the instance of the used RecheckLifecycle element. The instance can be given during construction or afterwards during setup. The following code demonstrates both ways.

Recheck instance given during construction

// Define RecheckLifecycle instance before Rule
private RecheckLifecycle re = new RecheckImpl();

// Let rule know which RecheckLifecycle instance should be administered
public RecheckRule recheckRule = new RecheckRule(re);

Recheck instance given during setup

public RecheckRule recheckRule = new RecheckRule();
private RecheckLifecycle re;

public void before() {
	re = new RecheckImpl();
	// Let rule know which RecheckLifecycle instance should be administered


Requires JUnit 4. For JUnit Jupiter support look at recheck extension for JUnit Jupiter.


This project is licensed under the AGPL license.

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