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Automatically administer lifecycle of TestNG tests using recheck.


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TestNG Extension for recheck. Automatic set up and tear down of tests using recheck.


  • Calls startTest on all RecheckLifecycle objects before each test.
  • Calls capTest on all RecheckLifecycle objects after each test.
  • Calls cap on all RecheckLifecycle objects after all tests.


The extension automatically calls startTest, capTest and cap. So it is no longer required to call those methods manually. This reduces boilerplate code and ensures the lifecycle within a test using recheck.

Build tools

You can add recheck-testng-extension as an external dependency to your project. It is available via the release-page which allows you to include it into your favorite build tool or via Maven central: Latest recheck-testng-extension on Maven Central

For the current version, please refer to the release-page.




compile 'de.retest:recheck-testng-extension:${LATEST_VERSION_FROM_ABOVE_LINK}'


Recheck TestNG extension uses TestNG's listener mechanism. It can be used by adding @Listeners(RecheckHook.class) to your test class.


This project is licensed under the AGPL license.