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Simple example project for recheck-web
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This is an minimal example project to setup recheck-web:

  • It contains a pom.xml file, that defines recheck-web as a needed test dependency.
  • It contains an example test together with some HTML from the Selenium project to test.
  • It contains the Golden Master files (e.g. retest.xml) to which the rendered website is compared against.
  • It contains the recheck config files:
    • The recheck.ignore file defines which attributes (CSS and HTML) and elements (e.g. via XPath) should be ignored. Since this is no visual regression test, nor a cross-browser test, we ignore most of the CSS attributes (like color, font, etc.).
    • The recheck.ignore.js file allows you to define rules in JavaScript, which differences should be ignored. You can find examples on this in the recheck-web project itself.
    • The file contains properties for your project that are relevant for retest, such whether you use rehub.
  • A .travis.yml file, to have the build be executed on Travis.
  • A slightly changed HTML site, so you can see differences by switching used site in the the test.
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