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This page describes using of math formulas with ReText.

Installing MathJax

In Debian-based systems (such as Ubuntu or Mint), all you should do is

sudo apt-get install libjs-mathjax

On systems where MathJax is not packaged, you can download it from GitHub and extract to /usr/share/javascript/mathjax directory.

If ReText can't find MathJax, it will fall back to using the online version, for which you should have an Internet connection.

Enabling WebKit mode

Math in ReText will work only when using WebKit renderer. To enable it, use “Edit → Use WebKit renderer” menu.

Math syntax

MathJax supports most of the standard LaTeX syntax, as well as some AMS extensions. See MathJax TeX and LaTeX support page for details.

This and this Wikibooks articles provide a great overview of LaTeX mathematical syntax.

You can use both TeX- and LaTeX-styles of boundaries:

Inline math Standalone math
$...$ (disabled by default) $$...$$
\(...\) \[...\]

To enable the $...$ delimiter, add mathjax to your list of extensions. See Markdown extensions page for details on how to enable extensions.

You can also use \begin...\end experssions:

Numbered equation
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