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A shipping service, because what is a shop without a way to ship your purchases?

The Shipping service is part of the ACME Fitness Serverless Shop. The goal of this specific service is, as the name implies, to ship products using a wide variety of shipping suppliers.



With Pulumi (using SQS for eventing)

To deploy the Shipment Service you'll need a Pulumi account. Once you have your Pulumi account and configured the Pulumi CLI, you can initialize a new stack using the Pulumi templates in the pulumi folder.

cd pulumi
pulumi stack init <your pulumi org>/acmeserverless-shipment/dev

Pulumi is configured using a file called A sample configuration is available in the Pulumi directory. You can rename to and update the variables accordingly. Alternatively, you can change variables directly in the main.go file in the pulumi directory. The configuration contains:

  aws:region: us-west-2 ## The region you want to deploy to
    sentrydsn: ## The DSN to connect to Sentry
    accountid: ## Your AWS Account ID
    wavefronturl: ## The URL of your Wavefront instance
    wavefronttoken: ## Your Wavefront API token
    author: retgits ## The author, you...
    feature: acmeserverless
    team: vcs ## The team you're on
    version: 0.1.0 ## The version

To create the Pulumi stack, and create the Payment service, run pulumi up.

If you want to keep track of the resources in Pulumi, you can add tags to your stack as well.

pulumi stack tag set app:name acmeserverless
pulumi stack tag set app:feature acmeserverless-shipment
pulumi stack tag set app:domain shipment

With CloudFormation (using EventBridge for eventing)

Clone this repository

git clone
cd acme-serverless-shipment

Get the Go Module dependencies

go get ./...

Change directories to the cloudformation folder

cd ./cloudformation

If your event bus is not called acmeserverless, update the name of the feature parameter in the template.yaml file. Now you can build and deploy the Lambda function:

make build
make deploy


To test, you can use the SQS or EventBridge test apps in the acme-serverless repo.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


See the LICENSE file in the repository

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