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package main
import (
// Tags are key-value pairs to apply to the resources created by this stack
type Tags struct {
// Author is the person who created the code, or performed the deployment
Author pulumi.String
// Feature is the project that this resource belongs to
Feature pulumi.String
// Team is the team that is responsible to manage this resource
Team pulumi.String
// Version is the version of the code for this resource
Version pulumi.String
// DynamoConfig contains the key-value pairs for the configuration of Amazon DynamoDB in this stack
type DynamoConfig struct {
// Controls how you are charged for read and write throughput and how you manage capacity
BillingMode pulumi.String `json:"billingmode"`
// The number of write units for this table
WriteCapacity pulumi.Int `json:"writecapacity"`
// The number of read units for this table
ReadCapacity pulumi.Int `json:"readcapacity"`
func main() {
pulumi.Run(func(ctx *pulumi.Context) error {
// Read the configuration data from Pulumi.<stack>.yaml
conf := config.New(ctx, "awsconfig")
// Create a new Tags object with the data from the configuration
var tags Tags
conf.RequireObject("tags", &tags)
// Create a new DynamoConfig object with the data from the configuration
var dynamoConfig DynamoConfig
conf.RequireObject("dynamodb", &dynamoConfig)
// Create a map[string]pulumi.Input of the tags
// the first four tags come from the configuration file
// the last two are derived from this deployment
tagMap := make(map[string]pulumi.Input)
tagMap["Author"] = tags.Author
tagMap["Feature"] = tags.Feature
tagMap["Team"] = tags.Team
tagMap["Version"] = tags.Version
tagMap["ManagedBy"] = pulumi.String("Pulumi")
tagMap["Stage"] = pulumi.String(ctx.Stack())
// The table attributes represent a list of attributes that describe the key schema for the table and indexes
tableAttributeInput := []dynamodb.TableAttributeInput{
Name: pulumi.String("PK"),
Type: pulumi.String("S"),
}, dynamodb.TableAttributeArgs{
Name: pulumi.String("SK"),
Type: pulumi.String("S"),
// The set of arguments for constructing an Amazon DynamoDB Table resource
tableArgs := &dynamodb.TableArgs{
Attributes: dynamodb.TableAttributeArray(tableAttributeInput),
BillingMode: pulumi.StringPtrInput(dynamoConfig.BillingMode),
HashKey: pulumi.String("PK"),
RangeKey: pulumi.String("SK"),
Tags: pulumi.Map(tagMap),
Name: pulumi.String(fmt.Sprintf("%s-%s", ctx.Stack(), ctx.Project())),
ReadCapacity: dynamoConfig.ReadCapacity,
WriteCapacity: dynamoConfig.WriteCapacity,
// NewTable registers a new resource with the given unique name, arguments, and options
table, err := dynamodb.NewTable(ctx, fmt.Sprintf("%s-%s", ctx.Stack(), ctx.Project()), tableArgs)
if err != nil {
return err
// Export the ARN and Name of the table
ctx.Export("Table::Arn", table.Arn)
ctx.Export("Table::Name", table.Name)
return nil
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