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A collection of my components and apps for Flogo
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My collection of custom built flogo components



  • addtodate: Add a specified number of days to either the current date or a chosen date
  • amazons3: Upload or Download files from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • amazonses: Sends emails using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
  • amazonsqssend: Send a message using Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • awsssm: Store and Retrieve parameters from the Parameter Store in Amazon Simple Systems Manager (SSM)
  • commandparser: Parses a commandline string into separate arguments
  • downloadfile: Download a file
  • dynamodbinsert: Insert an object into Amazon DynamoDB
  • dynamodbquery: Query objects from Amazon DynamoDB
  • envkey: Get environment variables or the provided fallback value
  • githubissues: Get the GitHub issues assigned to an authenticated user
  • globalcache: An in-memory key:value store based on go-cache
  • gzip: Read and write gzip format compressed files
  • ifttt webhook: Send webhook requests to IFTTT
  • mashtoken: Get a login token for TIBCO Cloud Mashery
  • null: An activity that does nothing (useful for branching out right after the trigger)
  • pubnubpublisher: An activity that publishes messages to PubNub
  • queryparser: Parse a query string into name/value pairs
  • randomnumber: Generate a random unique number between the min and max value
  • randomstring: Generate a random string consisting with the length you specify
  • readfile: Reads a file
  • tomlreader: Reads and queries a TOML file
  • trellocard: Create a new Trello card
  • writetofile: Write to a file



  • invoiceservice: A simple service listening to requests on a port exposed as environment variable, sending back random data and leveraging the paymentservice
  • github-lambda: A Flogo powered Lambda function to get new GitHub issues (based on the Flogo Go API)
  • kubefiles: Files to deploy the invoiceservice and paymentservice to Kubernetes
  • paymentservice: A simple service listening to requests on a port exposed as environment variable, sending back a random date
  • serverless-demo: A collection of three Flogo apps deployed on AWS Lambda, where one app queries a DynamoDB, one app queries a MySQL instance and one app collects that data and presents it using an API Gateway
  • tci-combinator-app: An API spec and a Flogo app that work in TIBCO Cloud Integation that communicates with the apps from the serverless-demo
  • trello-lambda: A Flogo powered Lambda function to create new Trello cards (based on the Flogo Go API)
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