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Read and Query TOML

This activity provides your Flogo app the ability to read and query TOML files


flogo install github.com/retgits/flogo-components/activity/tomlreader

Link for flogo web:



Inputs and Outputs:

    "inputs": [
            "name": "filename",
            "type": "string",
            "required": true
            "name": "key",
            "type": "string",
            "required": true
            "name": "filters",
            "type": "string"
    "outputs": [
            "name": "result",
            "type": "array"


Input Description
filename The name of the file you want to write to (like data.txt or ./tmp/data.txt)
key The key you want to search for in the TOML file
filters A filter string (see below)


Output Description
result The array representing the result of searching the key


The current implementation of this activity supports two filtering mechanisms:

  • Filter by value: Return the configuration item if one of the values in that item contains the value you're searching for
  • Filter by key: Return the configuration item if one of the keys of that item equals the value you're searching for

Filter by value

The filter ValueContains(retgits) would return all items where part any value in the item matches retgits

Filter by key

The filter KeyEquals(type,app) would return all items which have a key called type and where the value of that key equals app

Combining filters

Filters are applied sequentially and you can specify multiple filters separated by a /. The filter string KeyEquals(type,app)/ValueContains(retgits) would first perform a Filter by key and filter the result even further by applying the Filter by value