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Payment Service

This sample Flogo application is used to demonstrate some key Flogo constructs:

  • The Golang API for Flogo
  • Input/Output mappings
  • Complex object mapping


├── Dockerfile          <-- A Dockerfile to build a container based on an Alpine base image
├── main.go             <-- The Go source code for the app
├── Makefile            <-- A Makefile to help build and deploy the app
├── payment-go-svc.yml  <-- The Kubernetes deployment file
├── README.md           <-- This file
└── swagger.json        <-- The OpenAPI specification for the app

Make targets

The Makefile has a few targets:

  • deps: Get all the Go dependencies for the app
  • clean: Remove the dist folder for a new deployment
  • clean-kube: Remove all the deployed artifacts from Kubernetes
  • build-app: Build an executable (and store it in the dist folder)
  • build-docker: Build a Docker container from the contents of the dist folder
  • run-docker: Run the Docker image with default settings
  • run-kube: Deploy the app to Kubernetes

For more detailed information on the commands that are executed you can check out the Makefile


After starting the app, it will register with two endpoints:

  • /api/expected-date/:invoiceId: Generate a random payment date for an invoice
  • /swagger: Get the OpenAPI specification for this app


If you want to see the visual representation of the app, check out the paymentservice app