A canonical backbone todo application running on flask and RethinkDB
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What is it

A demo web application in the spirit of TodoMVC showing how to use RethinkDB as a backend for Flask and Backbone.js applications.

As any todo application, this one implements the following functionality:

  • Managing database connections
  • List existing todos
  • Create new todo
  • Retrieve a single todo
  • Edit a todo or mark a todo as done
  • Delete a todo

One feature we've left out as an exercise is making this Flask todo app force users to complete their tasks. In time.

Complete stack


git clone git://github.com/rethinkdb/rethinkdb-example-flask-backbone-todo.git
pip install Flask
pip install rethinkdb

Start RethinkDB

Make sure you have RethinkDB running.
If you are not running RethinkDB on your local machine with the default settings, update the todo.py file on lines 21 and 22.

Note: If you don't have RethinkDB installed, you can follow these instructions to get it up and running.

Running the application

Firstly we'll need to create the database todoapp and the table used by this app: todos. You can do this by running:

python todo.py --setup

Flask provides an easy way to run the app:

python todo.py

Then open a browser: http://localhost:5000/.


This demo application is licensed under the MIT license: http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php