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@danielmewes danielmewes released this Mar 20, 2015 · 203 commits to v2.0.x since this release

This is a release candidate for the upcoming RethinkDB 2.0 release. It is not for production use. It might still have bugs. If you decide to test it, please back up all your data first.

Please report any bugs you find on GitHub ( or on our mailing list (!forum/rethinkdb).

Release highlights:

  • Support for attaching a changefeed to the get_all and union commands
  • Improved support for asynchronous queries

Read the blog post for more details.


1. Download the server

2. Download a driver

Update (03/31/2015): The drivers have been updated to include EventMachine (Ruby) and Tornado (Python) integration.


$ npm install


$ pip install


$ wget
$ gem install rethinkdb-2.0.0.rc.2.gem


Data files accessed with this release candidate might be incompatible
with the final version of RethinkDB 2.0.

Handling of negative zero in indexes

IEEE 754 floating point numbers distinguish between negative (-0) and positive (+0) zero. The following information is only relevant if you are storing negative zero values in your documents. We expect very few users to be affected by this change.

ReQL compares -0 and +0 as equal in accordance with IEEE 754. In previous versions of RethinkDB, -0 and +0 were however treated as distinct values in primary and secondary indexes. This could lead to inconsistent behavior and wrong query results in some rare cases.

Starting with RethinkDB 2.0, -0 and +0 are indexed as equal values. Secondary indexes can be migrated online using the rethinkdb index-rebuild utility. If any of your documents have negative zero values in their primary keys, those documents will become partially inaccessible in RethinkDB 2.0. You will need to
re-import the affected tables using the rethinkdb dump and rethinkdb restore commands. See the article "Back up your data" for more information.

If you are unsure if any of your documents are affected, you can run python -m rethinkdb._negative_zero_check after upgrading both the server and Python driver. See the output of python -m rethinkdb._negative_zero_check --help for additional options.

API-breaking changes

  • between no longer accepts null bounds. The new r.minval and r.maxval can be used instead
  • The any and all commands have been removed. The or and and commands can be used instead
  • indexes_of has been renamed to offsets_of
  • The squash argument to changes now defaults to false
  • The type hierarchy for exception types in the Python driver changed. All exceptions including RqlDriverError now inherit from the RqlError type. RqlRuntimeError, RqlCompileError and RqlClientError additionally inherit from the new RqlQueryError type

New Features

  • ReQL
    • Added support for changefeeds on get_all and union queries (#3642)
    • between no longer accepts null as a bound. The new r.minval and r.maxval can be used instead (#1023)
    • Added support for getting the state of a changefeed using the new include_states optarg to changes (#3709)
  • Drivers
    • Added support for non-blocking (#3529)
    • Added support for executing multiple queries in parallel on a single connection (#3754)
    • Consolidated the return types and use the new ResponseNotes field to convey extra information (#3715)
  • Python driver
    • Added an optional script that warns for documents with negative zero in a primary key (#3637)


  • Server
    • Report open cursors as a single entry in the jobs table (#3662)
    • Timestamps are no longer sent between servers in batchspec_t (#2671)
    • Some expensive changefeed checks are no longer performed in release mode (#3656)
    • Include the remote port number in the heartbeat timeout message (#2891)
    • Improved the ordering and throttling of reads and writes (#1606)
    • Limit the number of documents per write batch to reduce the impact of large writes on other queries (#3806)
    • Execute multiple queries in parallel on a single connection (#3296)
    • Improved the performance of sending responses (#3744)
    • Immediately send back an empty first batch when the result is a changefeed (#3852)
  • Web UI
    • Added a configurable limit for the results per page in the Data Explorer (#3910)
    • Added an "add table" button to each database (#3522)
  • ReQL
    • table.rebalance with insufficient data is no longer an error (#3679)
    • Renamed indexes_of to offsets_of to avoid confusion with secondary indexes (#3265)
    • Removed any and all in favor of or and and (#1581)
    • Trivial changes are filtered out from return_changes (#3697)
    • Reduced the size of profiles (#3218)
    • Changefeeds are no longer squashed by default (#3904)
  • JavaScript driver
    • Added an upper bound to the bluebird dependency (#3823)
  • Ruby driver
    • Added a timeout option to r.connect (#1666)
    • Improved the code style (#3900, #3901, #3906)
    • Strings are now allowed as keys in the config options (#3905)
  • Build
    • Upgraded to a more recent version of V8 and dropped support for out-of-tree V8 (#3472)
    • Added support for building with Python 3 (#3731)
  • Packaging
    • Got rid of the outdated bash completion script (#719)
    • Allow installing RethinkDB in 32-bit OS X on a 64-bit processor (#1595)
  • Tests
    • Increased the number of retries in the RDBBtree tests to avoid false positives (#3805)

Bug Fixes

  • Server
    • Fixed a race condition that could be caused by concurrent queries (#3766)
    • Deleted servers and tables are no longer counted during version checks (#3692)
    • Made JSON parsing more strict (#3810)
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the server to crash when killed (#3792)
    • Databases can no longer be renamed to "rethinkdb" (#3858)
    • Return an initial value for point changefeeds on system tables (#3723)
    • Improved the handling of negative zero (#3637)
    • Correctly abort order_by.limit changefeeds when a table become unavailable (#3932)
    • Do not unlink files early to avoid crashing in virtual environments (#3791)
  • ReQL
    • Fixed the behavior of point changefeeds on system tables (#3944)
    • noreplyWait no longer waits for non-noreply queries (#3812)
  • Web UI
    • Fixed a bug that caused the status icon to be green when a table was unavailable (#3500)
    • Fixed a bug that truncated labels in the performance graph (#3751)
    • Correctly handle the escape key in modal dialogs (#3872)
    • Fixed a bug that caused an InternalError when loading large tables (#3873)
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Data Explorer to break when reading older data from localStorage (#3935)
    • Fixed a bug that caused autocompletion to fail in certain cases (#3143)
  • Python driver
    • Fixed rethinkdb export compatibility between Python 2 and Python 3 (#3911)
  • JavaScript driver
    • Fixed a bug that caused cursor.each to fail with an exception (#3826)
    • Fixed a bug that caused connection errors to be discarded (#3733)
  • Ruby driver
    • Fixed a bug that caused failures when using JRuby (#3795)


Many thanks to external contributors from the RethinkDB community for helping
us ship the RethinkDB 2.0 release candidate. In no particular order:

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