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2.2.4 — Modern Times

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@danielmewes danielmewes released this 01 Feb 19:17
· 1666 commits to v2.4.x since this release

This bug fix release addresses a critical bug in RethinkDB's clustering system,
that can lead to data loss and invalid query results under certain rare
circumstances. The bug can appear if a table is reconfigured during a network
partition (read more in GitHub issue #5289).

We recommend upgrading to this release as soon as possible to avoid data loss.

If you see replicas get stuck in the transitioning state during a reconfiguration
after upgrading, you can run .reconfigure({emergencyRepair: '_debug_recommit'})
on the table to allow the reconfiguration to complete. Please make sure that the
cluster is idle when running this operation, as RethinkDB does not guarantee
consistency during the emergency repair.


RethinkDB 2.2.4 servers cannot be mixed with servers running RethinkDB 2.2.1 or earlier
in the same cluster.

No migration is required when upgrading from RethinkDB 2.2.0 or higher. Please read the
RethinkDB 2.2.0 release notes if you're upgrading from an
older version.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the clustering system that could lead to data loss, inconsistent
    reads, and server crashes after reconfiguring a table during incomplete connectivity
    (#5289, #4949)
  • Fixed a segmentation fault that occurred when requesting certain documents from the
    stats system table (#5327)
  • Changefeeds on system tables now support map, filter and related commands (#5241)
  • Backtraces are now printed even if the addr2line tool is not installed (#5321)
  • The Java driver now supports SSL connections thanks to a contribution by @pires (#5284)
  • Fixed the "Serialized query" debug output in the Java driver (#5306)
  • Fixed an incompatibility of the rethinkdb import script with Python 2.6 (#5294)