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Better Bib(La)TeX for Zotero/Juris-M Circle CI

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This extension aims to make Zotero/Juris-M effective for us text-based authoring holdouts; currently, that translates to the LaTeX/Markdown crowd. To get started, read the Installation instructions. At its core, it behaves like any Zotero import/export module; anywhere you can export or import bibliography items in Zotero, you'll find Better Bib(La)TeX listed as one of the choices. If nothing else, you could keep your existing workflow as-is, and just enjoy the improved LaTeX ↔ unicode translation on import and export. Over and above this improvement, it adds the following features to Zotero:

  • Stable Citation Keys, without key clashes! Generates citation keys that take into account other existing keys in your library that are not part of the items you export. Prevent random breakage!
  • Converts from/to HTML/LaTeX: Currently supports <i>...</i>/\emph{...}/\textit{...}, <b>...</b>/\textbf{...}, <sup>...</sup>/\_{...} and <sub>...</sub>/^{...}. More can be added on request. Finally add italics and super/supscript to your titles! The plugin contains a comprehensive list of LaTeX constructs, so stuff like \"{o} or \"o will be converted to their unicode equivalents on import (e.g., \"{o} to ö). If you need literal LaTeX in your export: surround it with <pre>...</pre> tags.
  • Set your own, fixed Citation Keys, generate citation keys from JabRef patterns, drag and drop LaTeX citations, add other custom BibLaTeX fields.
  • Highly Customized Exports.
  • Fixes date field exports: export dates like 'forthcoming' as 'forthcoming' instead of empty.
  • Push/Pull Export from the embedded webserver.
  • Automatic journal abbreviation.

Better Bib(La)TeX works from BibTeXing and Tame the BeaST for BibTeX, and The Biblatex Package for BibLaTeX, but since there isn't really a definitive manual for either format that is universally followed by Bib(La)TeX editors/processors, I'm pragmatic about implementing what works.

Got problems? We got fixes!

If you have any questions on the use of the plugin, please do not hesitate to file a GitHub issue to ask for help. If you're reporting a bug in the plugin, please take a moment to glance through the Support Request Guidelines; it will make sure I get your problem fixed as quick as possible. Clear bug reports commonly have time-to-fix of 10 minutes. The guidelines are very detailed, perhaps to the point of being off-putting, but please do not fret; these guidelines simply express my ideal bug submission. I of course prefer very clearly documented issue reports over fuzzy ones, but I prefer fuzzy ones over missed ones.