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Version 2.0-0

  • Requires python version 3.6+
  • Adding support to download GFS reforecast version 12 (via S3)
  • Still allows to download GFS reforecast version 2 (deprecated)
  • Old config files shoudl still work (default to GFS version 2); need to be adjusted to allow to download the new version 2 datat set.
  • If using GFSV2_bulk with an existing config file -> defaults to version 2 (backwards compatability).
  • If using GFSV2_get -> defaults to version 2 (backwards compatability).
  • GFSV2_get --version 12 -> allows to download version 12 data.
  • Calling GFSV2_defaultconfig gives you a template for a config file using version 12.

Version 1.1-2

  • Fixed a but occurring on windows (back slash instead of forward slash in URL)

Version 0.1-3

To try go get around getting blacklisted several options have been implemented, such as [curl] retry/wait/timeout options and an overall [main] sleeptime option. See for some more information.

  • Added [curl] options (optional).

  • Added [main] sleeptime option (optional).

  • If [curl] logfile is set the downloader drops some messages containing date/time, execution time of the pycurl call in seconds, a message, name of the outut file.