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This is the xpcockpit Project

by Reto Stockli, supported by Hans Jansen


XPCockpit enables you to connect custom hardware to X-Plane by use of a C library which allows to subscribe to X-Plane datarefs and commands. The currently supported hardware encompasses most OpenCockpits cards and Leo Bodnar's BU0836X/A cards. The project also includes a glass cockpit software which is a further development of the OpenGC project for Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.

The project consists of four components

  1. xpserver: the plugin to X-Plane which handles dataref/command I/O via TCP/IP
  2. xpclient: a sample client software to show how to subscribe and use datarefs
  3. xpusb: the actual client which interacts with OpenCockpits/Leo Bodnar's Hardware
  4. xpopengc: the glass cockpit software client that simulates B737/A320 Gauges

The project is aimed at the following crowd:

  • X-Plane users working on Linux or OSX
  • People who want to build their own home cockpits
  • People with some programming exercise
  • Friends of good wine and cheese



  • Linux or OSX (Tested on Ubuntu 18.04, not been tested since 2016 on OSX)
  • c/c++ compiler like gcc
  • autoconf / automake
  • one of the OpenCockpits or Leo Bodnar's Cards
  • X-Plane on Linux or OSX
  • some C programming experience (entry level)
  • some time and fun and wine and cheese


Window Developer and Home Cockpit Builder who would be willing to adapt our code to Windows!


Supported X-Plane Features:

  • Only Mac and Linux
  • all datarefs
  • all commands
  • all native X-Plane data types
  • TCP/IP-based dataref I/O btw X-Plane and clients
  • Only subscribed and changed datarefs are sent (low network overhead)
  • UDP-driven WXR data to the navigation display of xpopengc
  • Automatic re-connect after X-Plane restart or client restart
  • support for most of the EADT x737 and ZIBO Mod functions

Supported Hardware

  • OpenCockpits USB Expansion Card with up to 4 master cards
  • OpenCockpits USB Keys
  • OpenCockpits USB Servos
  • OpenCockpits USB DCMotors Plus
  • OpenCockpits USB Analog Axes
  • Leo Bodnar BU0836X/A

Example Imagery

Examples and more pictures of the cockpit building process can be found on My Website

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