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Retreaver Javascript API
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Include the retreaver.js script on the page.

<script src="/path/to/retreaver.js" type="text/javascript"></script>



Initialize a campaign that will return numbers matching home_value:50000

var campaign = new Retreaver.Campaign({ campaign_key: 'the_key_example' });

Request a number from the campaign matching tags, and use jQuery to display it on the page.

var tags = { 
  home_value: '50000' 
campaign.request_number(tags, function (number) {
  $('#number_on_page').html( number.get('formatted_number') );



Display the tags currently attached to this number.


Add / Remove / Clear Tags

number.add_tags({'date_of_birth': '1980/01/01'});
number.remove_tags({'date_of_birth': '1980/01/01'});

When you are finished with a number you can release it back to the campaign.

Initiate Call

You can initiate a call with the user.

number.initiate_call('1112224444', {}, function(call){
  // Call initiated

Numbers have attributes that can be retrieved.

Attribute Type Description
id numeric number id
campaign_key alpha-numeric campaign key
formatted_number string formatted number according to national style (866) 898-7878
number string E.164 formatted number +18668987878
plain_number string unformatted phone number digits 8668987878
target_open boolean does this number have targets that are available to take calls?
is_per_visitor boolean does this number track unique visitors?
tag_values object the tags currently assigned to this number
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