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RetroCMS - a lightweight Content Management System.
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RetroCMS - A lightweight Content Management System.

Welcome to RetroCMS

RetroCMS is a very small and ligthweight CMS. I started writing RetroCMS to have a small CMS with good performance on my hobby website


RetroCMS contains the following features that has been implemented so far. These are the bare minimum for me to start using RetroCMS.

Registered users and public users.

  • A registered user can login, write and edit articles.
  • A public user can only read articles.


  • New articles can be written and existing articles can be edited or deleted.
  • All articles are published as soon as they are saved.
  • Deleted articles are removed from the database and cannot not be retreived.


  • Installation script vith a step-by-step guide.

Other features or prerequisites

  • Cookies not used, except for registered users when logged in.
  • Jquery is used and also bootstrap uses some javascript, but it should be possible to use the site with javascript turned off.
  • Bootstrap is used for formating.
  • Using HTML5 and CSS3.

Fetures to be added

  • List articles based on publication date and/or on category At the moment articles can not be given any category.

  • List articles based on tags.

  • Article content.

    • An article can contain text and html links.
    • Articles can also contain images
    • Articles can also contain youtube videos which can be viewed directly on site.

Fetures to be added (long term)

  • Misc. features

    • Set and show a global message
    • Set site in maintenance mode, where a messsage is shown to all users and no content is available.
  • Site content can be backed up manually

    • Backup can be setup to run regularly.
    • Recreate site content from backup.
  • Search for an article.

    • It should be possible to search based on category, tags, publication date and/or article text.
  • Visitor comments

    • Public users should be allowed to comment on articles.
  • The site should be search engine friendly, i.e. basic SEO.

  • Website should support all screen sizes.



To run RetroCMS you need a webserver running php and MySQL.

Steps to install RetroCMS

  1. Download latest RetroCMS from github, see Either download zip file or clone repository with git. To clone with git, create a new folder and open a command prompt, cd to the new folder and run the following command: git clone
  2. Open your web browser, go to your site and run install.php.
  3. The installation script will guide you through a few steps to fill in the values stored in settings.php and create the database and tables needed.
  • The installation script will fill in the following values that has to be set correctly.



Thanks for using RetroCMS. Check my site for news and please let me know what you think about RetroCMS and if you have any problems using it.


Copyright (C) 2014 J.Karlsson

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