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A MagicMirror2 module that shows stats (level, trophies and victories) for players of mobile game Brawl Stars.
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A MagicMirror² module that shows player stats (level, trophies and victories) for Supercell's mobile game Brawl Stars. The victories shown are the total from all different game modes.

The stats are fetched from BrawlAPI (the unofficial Brawl Stars API).



  1. Clone repo:
	cd MagicMirror/modules/
	git clone
  1. Install dependencies:
	cd MMM-BrawlStars/
	npm install
  1. Add the module to the ../MagicMirror/config/config.js, example:
			module: 'MMM-BrawlStars',
			header: 'Brawl Stars',
			position: 'bottom_right',
			config: {
				apiToken: 'YOUR-API-TOKEN',  // A very long "random" string.
				userTags: [ '209CL28', 'J089RQ' ],
				sortBy: 'totalVictories'


Option Description
apiToken Your personal API token. See here how to get one.
Default value: YOURAPITOKEN (does not work obviously)
showLevel Whether to show column with the user's level.
Default value: true
showTrophies Whether to show column with the user's current number of trophies.
Default value: true
showTotalVictories Whether to show column with the user's total number of victories.
Default value: true
sortBy Which column to sort by. Possible values: 'trophies', 'totalVictories' or 'level'.
Default value: trophies
fetchInterval How often to fetch stats (milliseconds).
Default value: 10 * 60 * 1000 (every ten minutes)
userTags Array of Brawl Star user tags.
Can be found inside the game.
Default value: 209CL28 (Upperw)

Customize Looks

The following class names can be used in 'MagicMirror/css/custom.css' to customize looks (see MMM-BrawlStars.css for example):

CSS name Description
header-row Header (whole row).
stats-row The players' stats (whole rows).
username-header Username header.
level-header Level header.
trophies-header Trophies header.
victories-header Victories header.
level Level.
trophies Number of current trophies.
victories Total number of victories.
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