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Firmware and software updates

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There are two methods for installing custom firmware, the flash method and the OPK method. The OPK method avoids having to remove the battery, but it's wise to replace the (rather cheap and unreliable) SD card that comes with the device.

There is no OPK release at this time.


[Download Here]


  1. Copy the OPK to the "apps" directory in the root of your SD card. If the folder does not exist, create it.
  2. After inserting the card into your device and starting, an "OS Update" Icon will appear on your Applications Tab. Open it.
  3. Use the "Start" button to select "Ok" as needed to proceed with the update.
  4. System will reboot. After this point the updater OPK can be deleted.

The latest flash-firmware release (installed by removing the SD card behind the battery) is v026.

GKD350h v026 BASE 2019-11-25 Firmware (STABLE RELEASE)

Download Here

Supplemental software pack here



  1. Remove the internal sd card make sure you completely wipe it inc all the partitions
  2. Flash using Balena Etcher
  3. Then finally extend the last (fat32) partition with diskgenius or any other partition tool and you'll be good to go.

See Changelogs below:


  1. Translated all to English
  2. Added My new DekUI theme as default
  3. Organised working only releases into English
  4. Updated pcsx4all emulator was not in previous release.


  1. improved the stability.
  2. auto resize the data partition on first boot
  3. added a performance mode, has 7 level, each level provide 2-3% performance boost
  4. easyrpg emulator
  5. snesemu fixed the button remap
  6. optimized the psx emulator


  1. fix analog drift.
  2. fix no sound when boot with headphone plugged
  3. fix speaker not mute when plug the headphone in
  4. a new snes emulator.
  5. FBA now support DS4 controller.