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OpenDingux Software list

List of software packages available for OpenDingux handhelds (RG350, PocketGO2,..), along with their maintainer, project status, and link to the project page itself (for reporting issues)

Emulators and Games go into media/data/apps if you want to store them on your internal storage or into the apps folder of your SD-Card, located in media/sdcard when inserted into the device and connected via FTP/SFTP. With most emulators you will be able to pick your ROMs through the built in explorer, but it is recommended to put your ROMs into the roms folder of your SD-Card. Some Games were originally made for the GCW0 which had swapped the X and Y Button, so it may be, that you will have to swap those as well in some games. Certain Games and Emulators are made with the second stick of the RG350 in mind and my not work as well on other systems.

Metadata needed for some Emulators and games will most likely need to go in here: media/data/local/home. You will find more information about that on the indivual entries for the game or emulator. Save files will be located in here: media/data/local/home/.YourEmulatorOrGame most of the time!

If you know of any newer versions or games that were just released, let us know on our Discord-Channel! We try to keep this as up to date as possible, but with multiple versions and different Forks it can be hard to keep up sometimes. If you're one of the developers of unknown OPKs let us know so we can add you!

For more information about shortcuts and other things, we like to refer you to our Wiki

~/ = usr/local/home


Arcade Emulators

Project Emulated System(s) Maintainer Status Data Additional Information
Daphne Laserdisk @DavidKnight247 Inactive Source
Tutorial for Games
Final Burn Alpha Arcade @nobk Active Source OPK
MAME4ALL Arcade @alekmaul Inactive Source
XMAME Arcade @slaanesh Legacy OPK needs different ROMs to run!

more information

Console Emulators

Project Emulated System(s) Maintainer Status Data Additional Information
A5200 Atari 5200 @alekmaul Legacy OPK insert Atari 5200 Bios(5200.rom in here: ~/
CollecoD ColecoVision @alekmaul Legacy OPK
DinguxAtari Atari5200/800 @kerheol Legacy OPK
DinguxVectrex Vectrex @kerheol Inactive Source OPK
EasyRPG RPG Maker 2000/2003 @gameblabla Active Source OPK insert RTP-files into either: ~/.easyrpg/rtp2k for RPG Maker 2000 or ~/.easyrpg/rtp2k3 for RPG Maker 2003
FCEUX NES @soarqin Active Source OPK Disk System games need Disk System Bios(disksys.rom) in here: ~/.fceux/
GenesisPlusGX SMS, Genesis/MD, SegaCD @Derynect Active Source OPK
GenesisPlusGX SMS, Genesis/MD, SegaCD @DavidKnight247 Outdated Source OPK
GnGeo NeoGeo @jbanes Active Source OPK
JZIntv Intellivision @DavidKnight247 Inactive Source OPK
Mupen64 Nintendo 64 @nebulator Legacy OPK more of a proof of concept
NEO4All NEo Geo CD Unknown Legacy OPK insert BIOS (neocd.bin) in here: ~/.neo4all/ and games (*.cue / *.img / *.sub) in here: ~/.neo4all/roms
Nestopia NES @Derynect Active Source OPK
PicoDrive SMS, Genesis/MD, SegaCD @gameblabla Active Website (Optional) insert BIOS here: ~/.picodrive
PCSX4ALL Playstation @tonyjih Active Source OPK (Optional) insert BIOS (1001.bin) here: ~/.pcsx4all/bios
PCSX4ALL Playstation @gameblabla Active Source OPK (Optional) insert BIOS (1001.bin) here: ~/.pcsx4all/bios
PCSX4ALL Playstation @soarqin Active Source OPK (Optional) insert BIOS (1001.bin) here: ~/.pcsx4all/bios
PocketSNES SNES @soarqin Active Source OPK
PocketSNES SNES @m45t3r Active Source OPK
ProSystem Atari7800 @alekmaul Inactive Source OPK
Retro8 Pico-8 @Jakz Active Source OPK
SmallPCFX PC-FX @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
SMS Plus GX SMS, Genesis/MD, SegaCD @gameblabla Active Website
SNES9X SNES @soarqin Active Source OPK
Stella Atari 2600 @DavidKnight247 Inactive Source OPK
Temper PCE/TG16 @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK (Optional) insert PCE Super System Card 3 Bios(syscard3.pce in here: ~/.temper/syscards/
TIC-80 TIC-80 @Steward Active OPK
3DOh 3DO @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK

Computer Emulators

Project Emulated System(s) Maintainer Status Data Additional Information
Arnold Amstrad @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
BeebEm BBC Micro @Jez Active Source OPK ROMs, saves and per-game config rea/write from/to ~/.beebem/
CrocoDS Amstrad @Kyuran Active Website
DCaSTaway Atari ST @DavidKnight247 Legacy OPK insert TOS 1.04 UK ROM into: ~/.DCaSTaway/bios/rom
disk image goes into: ~/.DCaSTaway/diskimages/
DOSBox MS-DOS @soarqin Active Source OPK*
KEGS Apple II @alekmaul Legacy OPK more information
NP2Kai PC-9800 Series @golmojo Active Source OPK BIOS files should locate in ~/.config/np2kai (or np21kai)
OpenMSX MSX (1, 2, 2+) @MBilderbeek Inactive Source OPK
ScummVM Point-and-Click-Adventures @jbanes Active Source OPK
ScummVM Point-and-Click-Adventures @craigsc Active Source OPK Based on Scummvm v2.2git (2020), supports Blade Runner
UAE4ALL Amiga @zear Inactive Source OPK insert Amiga 500 Kickstart ROM(kick.rom) in here: ~/.uae4all/
Unreal Speccy Portable ZX Spectrum @DavidKnight Inactive Source OPK
VICE C64 @Dmitry Smagin Legacy OPK
VICE C64(DTV), C128, CBM-II, PET, plus4, VIC-20 @Dmitry Smagin Legacy OPK
Zerox86 x86 @Patrick Aalto Legacy OPK insert 4DOS.COM into: ~/
more information

Handheld Emulators

Project Emulated System(s) Maintainer Status Data Additional Information
Desmume Nintendo DS @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
Gambatte Gameboy (Color) @hi-ban Active Source OPK
GenesisPlusGX SMS, Genesis/MD, SegaCD @Derynect Active Source OPK
GenesisPlusGX Gamegear @DavidKnight247 Outdated Source OPK
GPSP Gameboy Advance @Ninoh-FOX Active Source OPK
Handy Atari Lynx @gameblabla Active Source OPK
NGPCEmu NeoGeo Pocket @gameblabla Active Source OPK
OSwan Wonderswan (B/W, Color) @Gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
PicoDrive Gamegear @Gameblabla Active Website
PokeMini Pokémon-Mini @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
Potator Watara Supervision @alekmaul Inactive Source OPK
Race NeoGeo Pocket @alexmaul Legacy OPK
ReGBA Gameboy Advance @soarqin Active Source OPK** (Optional) insert the Bios(gba_bios.bin) in here: ~/.gpsp/gba_bios.bin
SwanEmu Wonderswan (B/W, Color) @Gameblabla Active Website

Emulator Resources (Skins, palettes, cheats, etc)

Project Maintainer Status Data
Gamebatte Palettes SerjTargarien Active Source


Project Maintainer Status Data Additional Information
EmulationStation Unknown Active Source OPK Installation Information in the Source
Esoteric(350teric, GMenuNX) @podulator Active Source OPK
SimpleMenu @fgl82 Active Source OPK

Games & Ports

Project Description Maintainer Status Data Additional Information
Abbaye des Morts A L'Abbaye des Morts port @dmitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
Abuse A dystopic Stick-Shooter/Platformer Unknown Legacy OPK
Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe A Port for Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe @dmitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
Adamant Armor Affection Adventure A 3-D Jump and Run @0x64c Inactive Source OPK disable G-SENSE to fix camera
Airball A remake of the Atari ST Original Airball Shin-NiL Legacy OPK
Alex the Allegator 4 A Port of Alex the Allegator 4 @dmitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
Alter Ego A Bitbox emulation of Alter Ego @dmitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
Another World A sci-fi platformer by Eric Chahi @jezze Inactive Source OPK Original BANK* and MEMLIST.BIN files must be put in: ~/.aw/
Apricots A 2D arcade plane shooter Unknown Legacy OPK
Arkanoid A Breakout! Port Unknown Legacy OPK
AstroLander A lunar lander game Unknown Legacy OPK
Atomiks A remake of Atomix Unknown Legacy OPK
BarbieSA A retro style platform arcade game in the spirit of Mario 3 Unknown Legacy OPK
Bermuda Syndrome A Port of Bermuda Syndrome Unknown Legacy OPK needs game files as well as audio files, check the manual of the OPK for more information
Biniax3 A 2D Puzzle-Game Unknown Legacy OPK
Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid A really bloody worms like game @DavidKnight247 Legacy OPK**
Blockling A 2D Puzzle-Game about stacking blocks Unknown Legacy OPK
Blockrage A Falling Blocks Game similar to Tetris Unknown Legacy OPK
Bubble Bobble Remake A remake of Bubble Bobble @MikeDX Legacy OPK
BZFlag An Port of BZFlag @macsforme Inactive Source OPK needs internet, so doesn't work for now
Cannonball An OutRun Port Unknown Inactive Source OPK insert TOS OutRun (sitdown/upright, Rev B) into: ~/.cannonball/rom
Cannon Fodder A Cannon Fodder Port Unknown Legacy OPK
Chinese Paladin (PAL) SDL A Port of The Legend of Sword and Fairy @Steward-Fu Legacy OPK
Chocolate Doom A Doom-Engine Port Unknown Legacy OPK plays .WAD for Doom / Heretic / Hexen / Strife
uses Explorer to select .WAD
C-Dogs SDL A Port of the shoot 'em up C-Dogs Unknown Legacy OPK
Coppergreen A vertically scrolling shoot 'em up in space @xturrican Legacy OPK
Descent 1 Rebirth A Descent 1 Port Unknown Legacy OPK insert Descent 1 file into: ~/.d1x-rebirth/
falls back to shareware version with no files, currently doesn't have working controls
Descent 2 Rebirth A Descent 2 Port Unknown Legacy OPK insert Descent 2 file into: ~/.d2x-rebirth/
falls back to shareware version with no files
DevilutionX A Diablo 1 Port @glebm Active Source OPK Copy diabdat.mpq (all lowercase) from your CD, or GoG install folder to: /media/home/.local/ share/diasurgical/ devilution/ diabdat.mpq
Digger A 2D game about digging treasures @dimitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
DIV Frogger A remake of the Sega Arcade Classic Frogger MikeDX Legacy OPK
Dog Poo Game A game about throwing poo at your neighbour MikeDX Legacy OPK
ECWolf A Wolfenstein 3D Port @JohnnyonFlame Inactive Source OPK insert Wolfenstein 3D Engine File into here:, ~/.ecwolf/
EDuke32 A Duke Nukem 3D Engine Port @zear Inactive Source OPK insert Duke Nukem 3D Engine File into: ~/.eduke32/
Enigma A 2D Ball Game with Memory-Game Elements Unknown Legacy OPK
Escape from Minos A 2D game escaping from a Labyrinth @Rafa Vico Legacy OPK
Evil Australians A pretty basic 2D Jump and Run @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
Exp A 2D character creator for certain games Unknown Legacy OPK
Fade to Black A Fade to Black Port @JohnnyonFlame Inactive Source OPK
Falling Time Falling Time, a simple arcade game where you control a ball and fall through gaps as long as you can, before the top of the screen catches up to you! @congusbongus Inactive Source OPK
Finite A Scrabble-Clone Unknown Legacy OPK
FreeBlocks A puzzle game similar to Tetris Attack Unknown Legacy OPK
FreeDink An adventure/role-playing game, similar to classic Zelda (2D top view) Unknown Inactive Source OPK**
FreeDoom A Total-Conversion of Doom Unknown Legacy OPK
Free Heroes 2 A Port for Heroes of Might & Magic 2 @DavidKnight247 Legacy OPK Copy the original data/.agg files to ~/.fheroes2/data
Copy maps file (maps/
.mp2) to ~/.fheroes/maps
Fruit'Y A Dreamcast Port of Fruit'Y Unknown Legacy OPK
Ganbare Natsuki-San! A Ganbare Natsuki-San! Port @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
Ghouls'n Ghosts Remix A Jump and Run Remake of Ghouls'n Ghosts @dmitry_smagin Legacy OPK**
Giana's Return A fanmade sequel of "The Great Giana Sisters" Unknown Legacy OPK
Griel's Quest for the Sangraal A Port of Griel's Quest for the Sangrall @dmitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
Griffon Legend A RPG game with oldish graphics Unknown Legacy OPK
Hase A Worms Clone with Bunnies in Space @theZiz Inactive Source OPK**
Hex-a-Hop A hexagonal tile-based puzzle game @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
Hexen 2 - Hammer of Thyrion A Hexen 2 Port @JohnnyonFlame Inactive Source OPK** insert Hexen II Data1 folder into: ~/.hexen2/
Hocoslamfly A "Flappy Bird" Clone @fgl82 Active Source OPK
Homing Fever Inspired by "Missiles!", Homing Fever is an addictive obstacle dodging game @zear Inactive Source OPK
Hydra Castle Labyrinth A freeware Indie platformer @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
JET SET WILLY II (Remake) A remake of the spectrum classic JET SET WILLY II @MikeDX Legacy OPK
Journey to the Center of the Earth A port of Journey to the Center of the Earth @masteries Legacy OPK
Jump n Blob A fport of Jump n Blob @dmitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
Kobo Deluxe A Space Shoot'em Up Unknown Legacy OPK
KOF - Flames of Courage v5 A Fighting game / Beat'em Up Unknown Legacy OPK**
Koules A fast action arcade-style game Unknown Legacy OPK
Last Mission A Shooter/Maze game Unknown Legacy OPK
Legend of Edgar A challenging Platformer @Davidknight247 Legacy OPK**
Liero A Worms-like Game against AI Unknown Legacy OPK
Love Snake A Snake-Clone Unknown Legacy OPK
Manic Miner A Port of Manic Miner for the ZX Spectrum @alekmaul Inactive Source OPK
Masteries Runners A Port of Runners @masteries Legacy OPK
Marathon A Marathon-Port Unknown Legacy OPK**
Marathon 2 A Marathon 2 Port Unknown Legacy OPK**
Marathon Infinite A Marathon Infinite Port Unknown Legacy OPK**
MazezaM A 2D Puzzle Game Unknown Legacy OPK
Meritous An action-adventure dungeon crawl game Unknown Legacy OPK
Meteroid3d A 3D Asteroid Clone Unknown Legacy OPK
Metro-Cross Remake A remake of Metro-Cross @Shin-NiL Legacy OPK
MineSweeper A Minesweeper Port Unknown Legacy OPK
MiniSlug An independently made version of a Metal Slug game Unknown Legacy OPK
Mr. Drillux A Mr. Driller Clone @jbanes Active GitHub OPK
Nampure A Sudoku Game Unknown Legacy OPK
Nanobounce A Bouncing Ball game Unknown Legacy OPK
Neverball & Neverputt A 3D minigolf and ball physics game @senquack Inactive Source OPK**
nKaruga A 2D bullet hell shoot'em-up @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK**
nCrafti A Minecract Clone @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
NXEngine A complete open-source clone/rewrite of the masterpiece jump-and-run platformer Doukutsu Monogatari (also known as Cave Story) Unknown Legacy OPK
Odamex A Doom Engine Port @JohnnyonFlame Inactive Source Client and Server Source Launcher OPK insert lowercase .WAD into: /media/data/local/share/games/doom or /media/data/local/home/. To play PWADs select them in the in game launcher
OpenBOR A OpenBOR Port @DavidKnight247 Inactive Source OPK insert OpenBOR Pak Files into: /usr/local/share/ OpenBOR/Paks/
OpenJazz A Port of Jazz Jackrabbit @DavidKnight247 Legacy OPK insert Jazz Jackrabbit Data Files into: ~/.openjazz/
OpenDUNE A Recreation of Dune II @goldmojo active GitHub OPK Original Dune 2 game data (version 1.07) must be put in ~/.opendune/data Save games are stored in ~/.opendune/save (you must create an empty directory)
OpenSonic A fanmade Sonic game @dmitry_smagin Legacy OPK
OpenTyrian A scrolling shooter port of Tyrian @johnnyonflame Inactive Source OPK
Overheated A homebrew caravan shooter @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
Passage A 100 x 16 Pixel Game @DavidKnight247 Legacy OPK
Power Manga A 2D shooting arcade game @elwing Legacy OPK
POWDER A graphical roguelike game Unknown Legacy OPK
PrBoom+ A Doom Engine Port for the RG350 @Ninoh-FOX Active GitHub OPK
Puzzletube A puzzle game on a tube Unknown Legacy OPK
Thenesis Quake a Quake Port @Thenesis Inactive Source OPK needs game files, further information
Thenesis Quake II a Quake II Port @Thenesis Inactive Source OPK needs game files, further information
Quake 3 A port for Quake 3 Unknown Legacy OPK Insert Quake 3 Files into ~/.q3a/
QuarterMaster A remake of the World of Tanks Minigame @hi-ban Active Source OPK
REminiscence A Flashback Engine Port @ElwingGit Inactive Source OPK needs game files in: ~/.REminiscence/ data/
RgQuake A Quake port with software renderer @shpuld Active Source OPK
Rise of The Triad A Rise of The Triad Port @podulator Inactive Source OPK insert the Rise of the Triad: The Dark War (Registered Version) Data Files into: ~/.rott/data/
Ri-Li A 2D wooden toy engine game Unknown Legacy OPK
Roadfighter A Port of Roadfighter Unknown Legacy OPK**
Rockbot A really sophisticated Megaman-Clone Unknown Legacy OPK
Rock Rain 2 A game about evading rocks @Rafa Vico Legacy OPK
rRootage An OpenGLES conversion of Kenta Cho's rRootage bullet-hell shooter game @jamesofarrell Active Source OPK
Sabre A Flight simulator with fighter planes of the Korean War era Unknown Legacy OPK
SameGoo A Samegame Clone Unknown Legacy OPK
SDLQuake2 A Quake II Port @jamesofarrell Active Source OPK insert Quake II (Shareware/Registered) Data Files into: ~/.quake2/baseq2
SDL Sand A 2D Sand Sandbox Unknown Legacy OPK
SDL Scavenger A Port based on the popular Lode Runner game @DavidKnight247 Legacy OPK
Shadow Warrior A Shadow Warrior Port @JohnnyonFlame Inactive Source OPK insert Shadow Warrior (Shareware/Registered) Data Files into: ~/.jfsw/sw.grp
Shisen-Seki A game of Shisen-Sho - a classic japanese logic game utilizing Mahjong stones Unknown Legacy OPK**
Shooter game A minimalist scroll shooter @slapstick Legacy OPK
Skifree A 2D skiing game Unknown Legacy OPK
Slappa! An Arcade kungfu minigame Unknown Legacy OPK
Snowman A 2.5D Plattformer with a Snowman as Protagonist Unknown Legacy OPK
Sonic Robo Blast 2 A fanmade 3D Sonic game Port @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK**
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart SRB2Kart is a kart racing mod based on the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2 @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK**
Spartak Chess A Chess Game Unknown Legacy OPK
Spout A Simple caveflying game Unknown Legacy OPK
Sqrxz A Jump’n’Run puzzle game with high frustration factor Unknown Legacy OPK
Sqrxz 2: Two seconds 'til death A Jump’n’Run which requires a sharp mind and fast reflexes Unknown Legacy OPK
Sqrxz 3: Adventure for Love The Successor of Sqrxz 2 Unknown Legacy OPK
Sqrxz 4: Cold Cash The Successor of Sqrxz 2 Unknown Legacy OPK
Strange Adventure in Infinite Space A roquelike set in Space Unknown Legacy OPK
STransball2 A "Thrust" type arcade game Unknown Legacy OPK
Streets of Rage Remake v5.1 A Streets of Rage Port Unknown Legacy OPK** Recommended to set 'Video Options -> Shadow' from 'Reflected' to 'SOR type' to mitigate crashes.
Stringrolled A Puzzle Platformer with a Cat Unknown Legacy OPK
Super Mario War A Multiplayer fanmade Super Mario Game @gameblabla Legacy OPK
Super Methane Brothers A Bubble Bobble like game @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
SuperTux 'THE' Super Mario Clone of Linux @dmitrysmagin Inactive Source OPK
Syobon Action a Port of Syobon Action (aka Cat Mario) @seagal Legacy OPK
Tail-Tale A great action puzzle game port @Shin-NiL Legacy OPK
Tappy Plane A "Flappy Bird" Clone with a plane @MikeDX Legacy OPK
Tile World A Puzzle Game, emulating Chip's Challenge Unknown Legacy OPK
Triple Trapled An Arcade Game about collecting cubes Unknown Legacy OPK
Tron-Clone A recreation of the classic arcade game Tron @Jamesofarell Active Source OPK
Tux Football A fun Sensible Soccer clone @DavidKnight247 Legacy OPK
Ultratumba A 2D game about finding the living person in a tomb Unknown Legacy OPK
UMG Demo A Jump and Run Plattformer with GameBoy Optics @zear Legacy OPK
Vecteroids A 2D Asteroids Clone Unknown Legacy OPK
Vorton A Port of Vorton, sadly only in spanish Unknown Legacy OPK
VVVVVV A Port of the original VVVVVV @JamesOFarrell Active Source OPK You need from the retail version or the Make and Play version found here. Unzip the zip-file and insert the into: ~/.local/share/ VVVVVV/
Wetspot 2 A Port of Wetspot 2 Unknown Legacy OPK
Witching Hour A Slender Clone @gameblabla Legacy OPK
Worship Vector A Tower Defense game with simplistic Graphics Unknown Legacy OPK
XRick A Dangerous Rick port @alekmaul Legacy OPK
Xump A simple multi-platform puzzler Unknown Legacy OPK
UQM A Port of Star Control II Unknown Legacy OPK**
Zatackax A 2D game like Curve Fever Unknown Legacy OPK
Zelda: Navi's Quest A fanmade Zelda game Unknown Legacy OPK changeable language in the settings
Zelda: Picross Another fanmade Zelda game @gameblabla Inactive Source OPK
Zelda: Return of the Hylian Part One of a Homebrew Zelda Trilogy Unknown Legacy OPK
Zelda: Onilink Begins Part Two of a Homebrew Zelda Trilogy Unknown Legacy OPK
Zelda: Time to Triumph Part Three of a Homebrew Zelda Trilogy Unknown Legacy OPK


Project Use-Case Maintainer Status Data
Bard E-book Reader @festvox Inactive Source OPK
Commander a file manager @glebm Active Source OPK
FFPlay Video Player @denis-n-kuznetsov Inactive Source OPK
Glutexto Text Editor @Ziz Legacy OPK
GMU Music Player @denis-n-kuznetsov Inactive Source OPK
GCWConnect Wifi Settings (needs WIFI-Adapter) skipmeister123 Inactive Source OPK
HWTest Input Tester @tonyjih Inactive Source OPK
ODCalc Calculator @Jakz Active Source OPK
Oldplay Music Player @the_gama Legacy OPK
PdfViewer PDF-Reader @DavidKnight247 Inactive Source** OPK
Performance Power Settings Unknown Legacy OPK
SDL Terminal Terminal @Jamesofarrell Active Source OPK

*Developer has not provided a new OPK for his source
**Uses external website

Most of the software should be found here, since it's a collection of all repositories around the Internet, but here are also other software repositories located at the following links if you want to check if we missed something ;)