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Note: This Wiki is specific to the RG-350 hardware. For general OpenDingux related things, please visit

Anbernic RG-350


Screen : 3.5 Inch IPS screen 320 x 240
CPU : JZ4770 1.0 GHz MIPS
RAM : 512M DDR2
Internal SD card : 16GB - Requires unscrewing back cover to access
External SD card : Support up to 128GB
Battery : Li-polymer 2500mAh battery
Charging Port : USB-C
OS: OpenDingux


Function Shortcut
Sharpness adjustment power + Up / Down
Force joystick mode power + B
Brightness adjustment power volume touch
Change hardware scaling power + A
Take screenshot power + X
Force return to gmenu2x/reload gmenu2x power + Select
Reset power + Start ( or reset button)