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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I buy a new shell?
There is an aluminium shell available, along with slider sticks, on the website Unfortunately, they are only for sale within China, so to buy them and have them exported, you have to do the following:

  1. Use this link to Superbuy to access the TaoBao listing
  2. Select the option you wish (1. Shell only, 2. Sell and 1 slider kit, 3. Shell and 2 slider kits). Do NOT select 4, which is shell, 2 slider kits, and assembly, since that is not workable outside of China).
  3. Proceed with the purchase.

Where are my configs and saves located? Everything is read only!
Only the /media folder is writable, to keep the system stable. Configuration and save files are located in /media/home/, in subfolders starting with a period, which typically indicates a hidden folder.

What do I do if my device starts boot-looping?
If you have configured USB network access and it's working then you can log into the device via SSH or FTP and make modifications to get it to boot again. In order to do this, you need to open the Network app in the Settings tab, note the IP address if listed (it defaults to, and set this to "Allow logon without password" (it's fine, there's no WiFi).

If you haven't doine this ahead of time, you're SOL, and will likely have to re-flash.

Where can I find (software)?
Start here:

What's the difference between this and the PocketGo2?
The RG-350 has two clickable analog sticks, but has the D-pad placed in a lower position than the PocketGo2, which is less comfortable for some. The PocketGo2 device only has one analog control, and it's a non-clickable slider rather than a stick, but that makes for a thinner, more pocketable profile. It also provides access to the "internal" SD card without disassembly. All of these items are matters of opinion rather than clear advantages.

Probably the bottom line is that for analog gaming, the RG-350 may be better, and for D-Pad gaming the PocketGo may be better.

How do I report issues?
Hardware issues would be the responsibility of Anbernic, though a lot of help is available in the Retro Game Handhelds Discord's various RG-350 channels. Software for the OpenDingux operating systemn and its applications are supported by dozens of individual developers working in a volunteer capacity, each with their own development resources, websites, and GitHubs.

My SD card doesnt work!
MicroSD cards greater than 32 GB come formatted with the exFAT file system, you must reformat your card as FAT32 before use. A Windows utility for formatting an SD card as FAT32 can be found here:

exFAT support is planned for a future firmware release.

Please note that while ext2 and ext3 are technically functional as SD card filesystems, they are not recommended in most cases due to the relatively high number of I/O operations on the filesystem, which signficiantly shortens the life of the SD card.

Can I install IPKs on my RG-350?
No. An IPK is a package format used by the RetroFW operating system, which is used on other devices such as the LDK and RG-300. The RG-350's OpenDingux operating system doesn't know what to do with IPK files, and instead uses the OPK package format for software.

I plugged my RG-350 into my PC and nothing happened?
The RG-350 doesn't use Mass Storage mode when connected to a PC. There's a method to connect over USB but the simplest method for transferring files is to just use a MicroSD card.

I heard you can do some cool stuff connected to the PC though!
Then head on over to this Wiki page and follow the instructions listed.

How do I install these OPK files?
OpenDingux has a package "management" system that's both simple and complex. All "installed" OPKs are stored in /media/data/apps on the device. To install an OPK, simply move it to this folder. To uninstall, delete it or move it out of this folder (I'd suggest moving it somewhere else in case you want to reinstall it again later). Unfortunately there's no way at this time to select an OPK file and have it automatically moved to the apps folder, but it's easy enough to copy off of the SD card to /media/data/apps.

How do I manually install software?
There are several software packages that already work and were never packeged as OPK files. However, installing them, while not as simple as installing an OPK file, isn't TOO difficult.

  1. Copy the folder containing your installation to /media/data/local/share (SFTP is suggested for this procedure, see the Connecting to your PC Wiki page)
  2. Go into the folder using your SFTP (or SSH) client and set the file to be executable by anyone (usually by adjusting properties, permissions, or the "chmod" command).
  3. On the RG-350, go to the tab where you want to add your new app, hit "Select" and choose "Add link to application."
  4. Browse to your new folder and select your new executable (it won't appear here until you've marked it executable as in Step 2).
  5. There is no 5. You're done!
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