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Firmware and software updates

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RG-350m Firmware (STABLE RELEASE)


This firmware is close to the stock firmware with various fixes and improvements.

---[ Download Here ]---[ Update file with HDMI ]---

Installation instructions


  1. Remove the internal sd card make sure you completely wipe it inc all the partitions.
  2. Flash using Balena Etcher.
  3. Extend the ext4 partition with diskgenius or any other partition tool and your be good to go.
  4. Download the update opk file.
  5. Put them in a folder called apps on your external SD card.
  6. Launch your device, go over to apps and open the updater. Follow the instructions and you're done.

RG-350m Alternative Firmware (RG350m-ROGUE)


This firmware aims to improve the user experience and includes support for a USB WiFi dongle, has a app store and includes an updater. (Requires WiFi) It gets reasonably frequent updates. (About once every few months)

---[ Github Page ]---[ Download ]---[ Installation instructions ]---

For downloading: Make sure you're getting the RG350M Firmware and not the firmware for the RG350, then click on assets and...

  • Get the flasher IF this is your first time installing this firmware
  • Get the updater IF you're updating your firmware
  • Get the sd_image.bin IF you want to do a complete clean install.

This is also stated in the installation instructions.