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Prevent our download manager from being overriden when Conkeror is ru…

…n via firefox -app
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1 parent 8916ab9 commit 9b1fc70e3f5a9144a24695a9cd54bce45c7bd234 @jbms jbms committed Feb 5, 2013
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@@ -12,3 +12,9 @@ contract;1 {74FCB100-B972-11DC-95FF-0800200
component {7770E0D0-C4A0-11DC-95FF-0800200C9A66} components/download_manager_ui.js
contract;1 {7770E0D0-C4A0-11DC-95FF-0800200C9A66}
+# This overrides the DownloadsStartup app-startup entry created by firefox, to
+# keep our download-manager-ui registration from being overridden.
+# ";1" is never defined and will
+# be silently ignored by embedding/components/appstartup/src/nsAppStartupNotifier.cpp
+category app-startup DownloadsStartup;1

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