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This is an Emacs major-mode for editing Digistar scripts.


C-c C-l digistar-show-lis-file

Show the .lis file that corresponds to the current Digistar script file, if it exists.

C-c C-p digistar-play-script

Play this script in Digistar. If region is active, write its contents to a temporary file, and play that script in Digistar. The generated LIS file will be shown in a non-selected window, and if a temporary file was created, both the temporary file and its associated LIS file will be automatically deleted.

C-c C-r digistar-time-record-mode

Digistar-Time-Record mode is a minor mode that records timestamps into a Digistar script in realtime when you press SPC or S-SPC. Once enabled, the first press of SPC initializes the relative clock to digistar-absolute-time-at-point. Subsequent presses of SPC or S-SPC insert new timestamps into the script based on that initialization time. SPC inserts an absolute timestamp and S-SPC inserts a relative timestamp.

C-c C-t digistar-show-absolute-time

Show absolute time (in-script) of the current line. If mark is active, the duration between point and mark will be reported instead. With prefix argument, inserts the result.


An Emacs major mode for Digistar scripts.


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