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Basic bindings for libola, Open Lighting Architecture. Classes covered so far are DmxBuffer and StreamingClient.

For bug reports, feature requests, and development versions, visit the github project page.


  • John J Foerch


Chicken Eggs

  • r7rs
  • srfi-99
  • foreigners
  • list-utils
  • matchable

C Headers

  • ola (libola-dev)



  • (ola-version) => (major minor revision)

Return ola's version as a list.

  • (ola-version-string) => string

Return ola's version as a string.


  • (init-logging [level] [output]) => bool

    Level may be one of the following symbols:

    • log-level/none
    • log-level/fatal
    • log-level/warn
    • log-level/info
    • log-level/debug
    • log-level/max

    Output may be one of the following symbols:

    • log-output/stderr
    • log-output/syslog
    • log-output/null


  • (dmxbuffer) => dmxbuffer

    Construct a new empty dmxbuffer.

  • (dmxbuffer other-dmxbuffer) => dmxbuffer

    Construct a new dmxbuffer with the same contents as other-dmxbuffer.

  • (dmxbuffer bytevector) => dmxbuffer

    Constructs a new dmxbuffer with the same contents as bytevector.

  • (dmxbuffer? dmxbuffer) => bool

    Dmxbuffer predicate.

  • (dmxbuffer=? dmxbuffer-a dmxbuffer-b) => bool

    Test whether dmxbuffer-a and dmxbuffer-b have equal contents.

  • (dmxbuffer-size dmxbuffer) => size

    Size of dmxbuffer.

  • (dmxbuffer-get dmxbuffer) => bytevector

    Return contents of dmxbuffer as a bytevector.

  • (dmxbuffer-get-channel dmxbuffer channel) => value

    Return the value of the given channel in dmxbuffer.

  • (dmxbuffer-get-range dmxbuffer offset length) => bytevector

    Return a bytevector of the requested range in dmxbuffer.

  • (dmxbuffer-set! dmxbuffer bytevector offset size) => bool

    Set the contents of dmxbuffer to contents of bytevector at given offset and size.

  • (dmxbuffer-set! dmxbuffer bytevector) => bool

    Set the contents of dmxbuffer to contents of bytevector.

  • (dmxbuffer-set! dmxbuffer dmxbuffer-other) => bool

    Set the contents of dmxbuffer to contents of dmxbuffer-other.

  • (dmxbuffer-set-channel! dmxbuffer channel value) => undefined

    Set dmxbuffer channel to value.

  • (dmxbuffer-set-from-string! dmxbuffer str) => bool

    Complement of dmxbuffer->string. Sets the contents of dmxbuffer according to the specially formatted string str. The format of the string is integers separated by commas, where 0's may be omitted, e.g. "1,2,,255"

  • (dmxbuffer-set-range! dmxbuffer dst-offset bytevector) => bool

    Set contents of dmxbuffer from dst-offset to contents of bytevector.

  • (dmxbuffer-set-range! dmxbuffer dst-offset bytevector src-offset src-length) => bool

    Set contents of dmxbuffer from dst-offset to contents of bytevector, from src-offset, src-length bytes.

  • (dmxbuffer-set-range-to-value! dmxbuffer offset value length) => bool

    Set contents of dmxbuffer from offset for length to value.

  • (dmxbuffer-htp-merge! dmxbuffer other-dmxbuffer) => bool

    Perform an HTP merge (high value merge) with other-dmxbuffer into dmxbuffer.

  • (dmxbuffer-blackout! dmxbuffer) => bool

    Set all channels to 0 in dmxbuffer.

  • (dmxbuffer-reset! dmxbuffer) => undefined

    Reset dmxbuffer size to 0.

  • (dmxbuffer->string dmxbuffer) => string

    Complement of 'dmxbuffer-set-from-string!'. Returns a human-readable string representing the contents of dmxbuffer - comma separated decimal values.


  • (streamingclient [auto-start: bool] [server-port: port]) => streamingclient

    Constructs a client and attempts to establish a connection to the ola daemon. Auto-start is whether to start olad if it is not already running, default true. Server-port is the port to use, default 9010. Signals an '(exn ola)' condition if it fails to connect to the ola daemon.

  • (streamingclient-stop streamingclient) => undefined

    Stops a streamingclient.

  • (streamingclient-send-dmx streamingclient universe dmxbuffer) => bool

    Sends contents of dmxbuffer to the given universe on streamingclient.


(use ola r7rs)
(let ((client (streamingclient auto-start: #f)))
  (streamingclient-send-dmx client 0 (dmxbuffer (string->utf8 "AeIoUaEiO"))))



Version History

  • 0.1 (2016-03-12) initial release
  • 0.2 (2016-03-13) meta and documentation
  • 0.3 (2016-03-13) streamingclient-setup removed, ola-version added
  • 0.4 (2016-09-05) use bytevectors instead of blobs