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A cartridge, floppy emulation device for the Atari ST. It can load files off of a remote mirror e.g. RetroNAS


NOTE: currently considered experimental as I don't have one to test with


  1. Select Sidecar from the Experimental menu
  2. Install
  3. Update the roms list

Local Mirror

After installation select Mirror from the menu to download the db, floppy and cart dumps to host locally from RetroNAS, after this has completed update the roms list.

Sidecart Configuration

  1. Enter the Sidecart Configurator (as of v0.0.11c)
  2. Select option C
  3. Update the following settings
Option Setting
FLOPPY_DB_URL http://retronas/files/atarist/sidecart
ROM_YAML_URL http://retronas/files/atarist/sidecart/roms.json


You may wish to configure a DNS record locally to point sidecart.* to your RetroNAS device if done you can update your configuration to match the below

Option Setting
FLOPPY_DB_URL http://sidecart.yourdomain/
ROM_YAML_URL http://sidecart.yourdomain/roms.json


Getting started:


Multi-system protocols:

Specific system configurations:



Physical Media:

On-Device Management:

Advanced storage options:

  • BtrFS RAID, Snapshots, Compression, Deduplication
  • FAT Advanced guide to using FAT loopback mounts for EtherDFS
  • TBA
    • SMR Shingled Magnetic Recording hard drives (TBA)
    • NTFS Advanced guide for NTFS formatted disks
    • SMB Loopback Mounting an existing SMB NAS
    • NFS Loopback Mounting an existing NFS NAS
    • MDRAID (TBA)
    • LVM (TBA)
    • iSCSI Configuring iSCSI


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