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Infocom created a bunch of text based adventure games to be utilised by a Z-Machine interpreter (i.e. an emulator). Notable titles include the Zork Series and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Emulator Rom Folder Extension BIOS Controller Config
Frotz zmachine .dat .zip .z1 .z2 .z3 .z4 .z5 .z6 .z7 .z8 none hardcoded

Emulator: Frotz


Accepted File Extensions: .dat .zip .z1 .z2 .z3 .z4 .z5 .z6 .z7 .z8

Place your Infocom interactive fiction ROMs in



It's a very different type of gameplay than typical gaming systems. It is more of an interactive storybook than it is a video game.

By default 3 versions of Zork are already in the Z-Machine ROM folder

Follow the onscreen instructions and type responses- So for example it narrates that it is dark- in turn you type light or turn on light and then it will progress in the story.

if you get tired of the story:

to quit type: quit

Larger Font Size

If you are on a high resolution screen and the font size is tiny you can change the framebuffer's resolution using the runcommand menu to 640x480 and it should make the font more visible.

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