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File metadata and controls

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One of RetroSpy's great features allows you to configure a button or button combination to a keystroke or keystroke combination. This is called keybindings. Every release of RetroSpy includes a keybindings.xml file. This is where you can setup your keybindings settings. The default file has a nice example of what a keybind looks like:

You'll see in the commented example that with this configuration, if l and r were pressed on the controller at the same time, the Home key on the keyboard would be pressed. The only thing stopping us from being able to use this is removing the comments and info text. Save the file, open RetroSpy and it's set. Remember that like any other .xml asset in RetroSpy, you must save the file with RetroSpy closed, or reboot RetroSpy for the changes to take place.

You can also set multiple bindings like so:

To turn off a keybinding, you'll need to comment the inner part of the tree. Commenting the whole tree will result in an error in RetroSpy.

input button

You can find the button names for the input buttons in the skin.xml that is paired with whichever controller mode you are using. Note that these are case sensitive.


The following is a list of all possible keys to set as a keybind. Not that these are not case sensitive:

Keyboard output-key
Enter enter
Tab tab
Esc esc, escape
Home home
End end
Left left
Right right
Up up
Down down
Page Up pgup
Page Down pgdn
Num Lock numlock
Scroll Lock scrolllock
Print Screen prtsc
Break/Pause break
Backspace backspace, bksp, bs
Clear clear
Caps Lock capslock
Insert ins, insert
Delete del, delete
Help help
F1 F1
F2 F2
F3 F3
F4 F4
F5 F5
F6 F6
F7 F7
F8 F8
F9 F9
F10 F10
F11 F11
F12 F12
F13 F13
F14 F14
F15 F15
F16 F16
Numpad 0 numpad0
Numpad 1 numpad1
Numpad 2 numpad2
Numpad 3 numpad3
Numpad 4 numpad4
Numpad 5 numpad5
Numpad 6 numpad6
Numpad 7 numpad7
Numpad 8 numpad8
Numpad 9 numpad9
Multiply multiply, *
Add add, +
Subtract subtract, -
Divide divide, /