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Setup ARM Host Server

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Supported Hardware

Samsung Chromebook (With KVM Patches)

Samsung Arndale (Linaro)

Setup Arndale

[Install Linaro Image to Arndale](

Setup Chromebook

Install Guide

[KVM on Chromebook](

Install Notes

* Check that is dev_boot_signed_only is set to zero. Press 'tab' when at OS check screen to display variables.

* Build uboot from source, then use the utility to create the required partitions.

$ git clone git://
$ cd u-boot
$ ./scripts/
$  ./scripts/ /dev/sdX

* Debootstrap Debian sid from ARM Host

$  mount /dev/sdX4 tmp/
$  debootstrap --arch=armhf sid tmp/
$  chroot tmp/
$  passwd

Supported Linux distributions

Debian 7, Ubuntu 12.04 and above

Setup libvirt and KVM

$ apt-get install qemu-system libvirt-bin sasl2-bin

Configure libvirt

Add options -d and -l to /etc/default/libvirt-bin

$ libvirtd_opts="-d -l"

Uncomment the following from /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf

$ listen_tls = 0
$ listen_tcp = 1

Restart libvirt-bin

$ sudo service libvirt-bin restart

Setup authorization

Setup TCP authorization OR Setup SSH authorization
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