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projects from CSc 3410 spring 2015
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this repository contains the projects I worked on for Data Structures in the Spring 2015 semester at Georgia State University. most of the code is my own, but some of the files are modified versions of files provided to us as part of the project. the code that was provided to us did not come with a license.

assignment descriptions

project 1

this program defines the Set class, which is a collection of unique items, and which also provides static methods for performing set algebra.

project 2

the program was supposed to trace the calls of a recursive function that permutes a string, but was removed because it doesn't funciton as it's supposed to.

project 3

this is an updated version of project 3, which adds more set algebra static methods to the Set class, and uses my own implementation of linked lists for the set instead of ArrayLists fromm the Java standard library.

project 4

this is a calculator program that converts infix expressions to postfix and outputs their results. I was told by my TA that the program had runtime exceptions on his machine, but it works fine on my machines.

project 5

this program performs several tests of various sorting algorithms, tracks the runtime and instruction count of each, and outputs data collected in a human-readable table.

project 6

this is an implementation of a Dictionary using a binary tree.

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