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Albumiphy screenshot

A simple static image gallery:

  • Calendar layout
  • Responsive
  • Bookmarkable URLs
  • Images scaled for web/mobile

Albumiphy uses the timestamp encoded in exif data to arrange images by month and year. Images are optimised for the web coming in at around 50-100kB each. Should support relatively large image libraries with 10k+ images.

Here is an example gallery featuring random shots of London.


  • Linux
  • Python


  • Download ZIP above
  • Unzip
  • Add the the bin directory extracted above to $PATH in your .bashc

Create Album

> cd /path/to/images

> --title="My Super Pics"

Then point your web browser to:


and voila!

Copy the Albumiphy folder to your favorite web server, USB stick etc at your leisure.

Home page

Albumiphy home page